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GreenWood Boarding School (RP)

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'School's about: Love,Laughs,Troubles and Friends!' Here's the form: Name: Age: Looks: Wears: Other: You can do that form OR do your own. My Characters: Age: 15 Gender: Female. Birthday: February 14th History: Jem has lived in many places, but was first born in America in 1997. However, on the 25th of October 2000, Her Dad died in a car accident leaving only Jem and her mother. In 2001 her mother was so upset about her husbands death that she jumped off the top of a building. Leaving Jem on her own. Jem was discovered on the streets and was sent to a Childrens Home in England in 2002. Jem didn't mind the Childrens Home; it had good food, friendly staff but all she really wanted was a family. One day she was sitting in her room, thinking about what her mother had said the day she has died. ''Find your true family''. It was then that Jem decided to investigate. She asked her Social Worker if she had any siblings, the social worker said ''yes, you have 3 siblings and 1 half brother''. Jem had an idea, she was going to find her siblings. She asked her social worker how old her siblings were. They said ''16, 12 and 20''. Jem then asked if she could find her brother and live with him. Suprisingly, they said Yes. By 2004 Jem was living with her Brother, Angel (her brothers adopted daughter), her sister Zoe and her brother Chase. In 2010 Jem was first sent to boarding school with Chase, Angel and Zoe. they have been here ever since, visiting there brother every Christmas.    Looks: She has brown curls that hang loosly above her shoulders. Cat-Like Green eyes that change colour in the sun into pale green rather than cat-like emerald. She has a perfect natural tan because of her birth place and she has perfect curves. Wears: In summer Jem wears Frilly, Pale Green, strap less tops that define her curves perfectly. On the edge of the frills is a tiny line of silver glitter that shimmers in the Summer sun. On her legs she wears a pair of snowy white shorts with gems around the bottom of the legs. She also wears snowy white knee socks that cascade up her legs and a pair of size 4 silver ballet pumps with baby pink roses around the edge. In winter she wears a plain red short sleeved top with a silver heart on it. She also wears a pair of ripped jeans on her skinny legs. On her feet she wears a pair of light brown boot with fur around the edge. Personality: Quite, secretive and kind. Dorm Number: 155 Interests: Jem likes drawing, her father was excellent at drawing and taught Jem. She is also good at sewing and loves to make new outfits.Name: Angel Rose Age: 14 Birthday: June 15th Looks: Blonde, waist length hair. Never curled. Deep saphire eyes that sparkle in the sun. She has very pale skin and hasn't developed her curves like Jem. Wears: In summer she wears flowery dresses that float just above her knees, with a silver ribbon running across the bottom. She also wears a silver belt across her waist which like her eyes, sparkles in the sun. On her feet she wears pink ballet pumps with ribbon that cascades up her legs to just below her knees, on the pumps she got Jem to add some snowy white roses across the front of the pumps. In winter she wears pale pink tops and loose jeans with snowy white trainers. History: Angel was 5 when she was first put into care. She was born in France but her parents were in a terrible car accident.Her mother sacrificed herself for Angel to stay alive. Angel now lives with Chase, Jem and Ash in England where she was adopted in 2001. Interests: Playing songs on her guitar and creating new songs. Dorm room: 155   Name: Chase Age: 13 Birthday: July 5th Looks: Brown hair with a side swept fringe. He has cat-like emerald eyes like Jem and a tanned body. He has an American accent and all the girls fancie him.Wears: In summer he wears red surf shorts and a black top with a skull on it. On his feet he wears a pair of 'Trainers (black) and no socks. In winter he wears a pair of ripped jeans with his black top with a silver skull on. On his feet he wears his black trainers. History: Chase lived with his Grand-Parents when he was younger as his parents died before he was born. He didn't know about Ash he only knew about Jem. Although he was young he felt sorry for Jem and when he was older went to find Ash. It took months but he finally found him. Dorm Room: 156 Interests: Playing Guitar, Drawing, Writing Music and Songs Rules: No Bullying No Pervert Comments Have Fun!


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Name: Jade capper Age: 12 Looks: brown hair, sea green eyes, purple glasses bio: she was born deaf so she couldn't hear. Her mother died giving birth to her. Her father was a drunk and beat her for not being able to hear. When she was 11 her father lost custody of her and was taken into state custody. Not knowing what to do with her, they brought her to this boarding school  Other: she is deaf so she can't hear.

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