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Redwood Middle School(OPEN!!)

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June, 2012
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Welcome to the sign up sheet for, Redwood Middle School! to join fill out this. RP Name: RP Age: "age ranges from 10 to 15." Hair: Clothes: Personality: Grade: Likes: Dislikes: Friends: Enemies: Clique(Optional): If you have any additional information feel free to add it! READ! IMPORTANT! (Tell me if you'd like to know my characters info Or anything about the school. Pictures are not needed, only imagination.)

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Redwood Middle School(OPEN!!)

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July, 2011
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RP Name: Naomi Ree RP age : 12 Hair: brown and stright Clothes: purple tshirt / black vest / grey skinny jeans/ knee high converse Personality: calm / easily excited / cool / nice Grade: 7 Likes: music , nayn cat , school , friends , tennis Dislikes: mean ppl Friends: ppl that r nice to her Enemies: ppl who r mean to her or her friends Clique : just me and some friends

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Redwood Middle School(OPEN!!)

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May, 2012
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RP Name: Lexi Vern RP Age: 10 Hair: Blonde and Curly( A Bit) Clothes: Floral Tan Top, Cropped Black Jacket, Blue Denim Shorts, Ruby Flats Personality: Friendly, Popular, Bossy At Times, Sensitive Grade: 5 Likes: electric devices, Hello Kitty, shopping mall, friends, gymnastics Dislikes: spiders, sharks, peanut butter, geeks/nerds, cooties from boys Friends: Anyone who's popular with her Enemies: Anyone who's a total nerd and geek Clique(Optional): The Popular People, her friends

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