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Name: 14 Age: Alana Fitz Personality: Shy, caring, Positive, and can be very sickly Looks: Like my profile picture What they are afraid of: Afraid of spiders and big vicious things ( Thats what i'm afraid of! XD)
Fear: that's called arachnophobia 

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( may i join?)
Yep smile.

Life is a lot of work.
What is it that gives us the strength to carry on when were burned out?
Sometimes an inspirational idea can help us renew ourselves.
People push us down,
We have a right to gain power,
Stand up to those who torture.
Stop bullying.

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 Name: Cotton Gender: female Age (13-17): 14 Personality:  adventuours, brave, acts like shes awesome all the time, and sings mostly whens she walking Fear(What their going to be scared of on the Adventure Camp): ghost and monsters (if they have them there if they don't shes not scared of anything) Other: She has short black hair, green tank top, brown shorts, yellow rubber boats, and she has white cat ears and a red bow in her hair

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