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Middle School (Trying this again.)

Celebs cartoon
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Post whatever info you want, But here's mine first: Name: Kandie Oruhumi (Why Yes, Yes shes Japanese.) Age:10 Gender:Girl Hair:Long wavy, Stringy brown hair EyesBig Grinark purple Clothes: (Varies, But here's what she wears at the start.) a White tank, Pink mini skirt and White flats Personality:Nice, Sweet, Shy, Sorta Flirty, Different, Great friend Now post yours! (Age 10 to 14)

Please call me FashionistaChic123 :3

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Name: Lizzie (Liz) McGarrey Age: 12 Gender: Female Hair: Dirty blond w/ a hint of red Eyes: Sky blue Clothes: (in begginning) (sorry im a bad speller) Orange hoodie, white shorts, white hoop earrings, bright yellow nail polish (on both fingers and toes), and orange flip-flops. Personality: outgoing, bubbly, hyper, girly, tomboyish at times, likes to have fun, sweet, kind, and motherish to younger students(reason y is in other). Other: mom died at age 5 (thats y she is motherish), dad is in army so she never sees him, has 4 year old sister- Jessica (Jes) who has dark brown hair and blue eyes. She also lives with her grandma because of her mom and dad not being there. Her grandma has recently come down with a terrible sickness. So now she is put in charge of everything around the house.

Hi! I'm piper. Comment me if you have any questions. I'm sadly not a junior mod, but I'm working on it Big Grin

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Name: Harriet Jimpson Gender: Female Age: 12 years young Looks: Attire: She usually wears a tan, short sleeved jacket with a white tank underneath. A long, dark grey skirt hides her legs, with white leggings underneath. She wears tan boots that start from her knees to the end of her toes. She wears a small, gold necklace around her neck. Personality: Practically emotionless, but is shy and quiet. She can be flirty, and is very trustworthy. She can be cruel, but tries to remain sweet.  She is caring, and hates fights. Other: She can speak Russian, Italian, Greek, French, and Japanese fluently.

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