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Mexican_Dude_2215152 Lock
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July, 2012
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Name: Juan Solo Age: 18 Appearance: (ignore the lightsabers) Personality: stealthy, cool, laid back, determined, persistant, witty, and protective Biography: As a young child, Juan had been sneaky. He constantly stole cookies from the kitchen- even when his parents were in the room! Later in life, he put this talent to use. Like cheating on tests, sneaking into his girlfriend's room late at night, and slipping into casinos many times. As soon as they could, his parents put him in this spy school; to help him harness this great talent for good. Strengths: Stealth, Intelligence, excelent with technology, weapons expert, and Martial Arts (trained by high ranking UFC fighters) Secret: Carries consealed weapons everywhere he goes Other: (if there is anything that would apply here, it will come up in the roleplay.)

Join the KW Star Empire!!! Destroy all who stand in our path!!! XD

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nano144man Lock
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July, 2012
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wait no that i am not excepted or no it doesent have a gym

We are anonymous.
We are legion
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

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