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Love On a Ship (Closed!)

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September, 2010
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Sophia opened the door dtill laughing. Her face red.

Brandon shrugged.

nialler, hazza, daddy direction, dj malik, boo bear
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Lamia (Non-made Vampires): Black Iris
Vampire (Made): Black rose
Witch (Known): Black Dahlia
Witch (Doesn't know): Black Violet
Werewolf: Black Foxglove
Shapeshifter: Black Lily

Love On a Ship (Closed!)

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July, 2012
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(Hey guys... i got some saddd news. I think i may close this roleplay Frustrated My interest for it has gone down. But dont be upset because im making a newwww roleplay. But its not. and i reapet not going to be in school section of roleplaying. It is going to be in fantasy and it will be called Light and Darkeness. I encourage you all to join.... pwezzz so anyway yah boo-bye. Talk to me!)



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