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May, 2012

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hey its that time of year again, its time for the talent show!! there are 3 judges and 12 contestants it start 3 weeks befor the contest so figure out your song and comment it to me DON'T POST IT IN THE FORM!! i will post the taken songs but DON'T TELL ANYONE YOUR SONG! you can practice it on here with othersbut doin't go to someone else and say ~Just walked up to sarah and said "my song is With out you by usher whats yours??"~ Don't tell anyone your song k heres the open places then i will post the form and you can make 2 charrie but they have to be a boy AND girl you can have partners but they fill out a fourm and have to work with you Judge 1 judge2 Judge3 Girl1 Taken girl2 girl3 girl4 girl5 girl6 boy1 boy2 boy3 boy4 boy5 boy6 Songs taken: Fourm~ Name: Age: (15-17) Look: Perso: Mine~ Name: Savannah Age: 16 Look: profile pic Perso: She is very nice and caring she will also help anyone with something they need Partners: none so far

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November, 2010

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Name: Pyra Xynia Age: 16 Looks: *Getting* Personality: She is secretive, but sweet. She likes to observe others behaviors because she is always afraid that someone will sabotage her. But with the rules of this talent show, she has almost no worries. Partners: Zero right now Name: Zane Gilberts Age: 17 Looks: *Getting* Personality: He is always unsure of himself, even if just a little. He loves to help others though and other than his little "Unsure of himself" thing, he has a carefree attitude Partners: Same as Pyra May I join?

I love Evanescence. Music is my life.
I wish I could be a vampire. I love rock music. I hope to be recognized for my singing one day , I love Junior High and most of all... I LOVE GAARA!!

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