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Wedding Planner Acadamy

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January, 2012
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Okay so here's the deal: your a wannabe wedding planner, and you really want to plan the wedding of your dreams, but got held up in going to WPA. Will you suceed in going back to this school or will you not plan your dream wedding? Join to find out. My Character: Justice Kurosaki Name-Justice Kurosaki Age-17 Gender-Female Appearance-Her look a like is Ichigo Kurosaki, but with longer hair Personality-FOL Reason why your at WPA-To be a better dress designer Your Character-(Name Here) Name- Age- Gender- Appearance- Personality- Reason why your at WPA-

Emma Lynn
I cry because you weren't there for me
I thought you loved me, but I was wrong
Emma Lynn
I thought you were my true friend in the world of lies
I thought you could make me laugh, but i was wrong
I'm Emma and I'm an Emo

Wedding Planner Acadamy

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November, 2013
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Name-  Kotakou Nara
Age- 15
Appearance-  ( if pic doesn't show up in the album with my user name as title, second pic)

why your at WPA- to be wedding planner

Wedding Planner Acadamy

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mozly jennifer
mozly jennifer
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June, 2011
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(Name Here) Emily Mazzo
Name-  Emily Mazzo
Age- 17
Gender- Female

rp character Avery
Personality- Sweet, kind, caring, shy
Reason why your at WPA- She wants to put her creativity to the test

(Name Here) Joey Dawceffa
Name- Joey ########
Age- 17
Gender- Male

Personality- Sweet, kind, caring, shy, funny
Reason why your at WPA- He wants to put his creativity to the test, and maybe meet someone nice...

Joey Graceffa My celebrity crush
Mew Favorite Pokemon!
Outfit #3 My MUST HAVE outfit

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