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A. Trimble Academy of Arts (Open - Ask To Join)

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Posted over 5 years ago

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Congratulations! You have been selected to attend J Parks Academy for the Talented. At J. Parks our students are gifted in categories such as; Singing, playing a musical instrument, dancing, special effects, or drama. .:Rules:. -Make two characters, one of each gender. If you talk to me on comments about having one character or your characters the same gender, I'll most likely revoke this rule for you. -No swearing. This is a kids site. -No pregnancy storylines. -No perfect characters. -Ask to join before posting forms. I will be rooming people together, letting you know. .:Form:. Name: (first and last - nickname if one) Age: (between 14 and 17) Looks: (pictures are okay) Personality: (description or traits, which ever you prefer) Talent: (why they're here at A. Trimble) .:Information:. -The school has a dance every quarter, plus homecoming and prom. Homecoming is for all of the students, and prom is mainly for seniors and juniors; a freshman or sophomore would have to be asked to attend prom by an upperclassman. -Grades and sports are both very important to this school, even though it's more so focused on the arts. -Any questions, please ask them. Thank you!

i use my hair to express myself

Posted over 5 years ago

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Can i join?Here's my form: Girl character: Name: Luca Kirsten Age: 14 Looks: anime!!! (just asking,is anime pics ok?I mean just as long as the hair & eyes are realistic,right?) Personality: Bubbly,smart,disorganized,sometimes forgetful,creative Talent: Musical instrument (more on the string instruments) Boy character: Name: Henry Dawson Age: 14 Looks: brown short hair that looks like JB's today,dark blue eyes,usually wears something casual like a t-shirt w/ jeans & sneakers Personality: cool,smart,has a habit of sometimes spilling his secrets,organized Talent: Musical instrument (more on guitar & bass)

This is me:
40% Otaku/anime lover
25% Directioner
25% Family
10% School

hahahahahaha xD! See dis is one of the many reactions i would do if i saw haruhi being a jb fan.xD

And that is my siggy!Grin

Posted over 5 years ago

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I wanna join but I can't do a  form right this second

I don't need a signature to get my point across...

But I have one.


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