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May I join? Name: Allyson DernioAge(15-17): 16Gender: FemaleLooks: Black hair, blue eyes, tall, slim, and sunkissed skin Public BIO:Allyson is a rich, smart, calm gal thats got the 3 Cs! Cool, Calm, and Collected! She is nice despite stereotypes.Secret BIO: In her fluffy Hot pink Diary of course!Other: Allyson has a deep dark secret that nobody knows.

Hi! Welcome to my signature!If you make me upset I'm gonna argue...I can be sassy but sweet,too! I'm a Christian so I will argue about that, too!I love role plays and stories so if you want someone to read/comment message me! I add almost everyone to my friends so add me!
I love people! I'm almost out of space so:
I ♥ you as you!

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can you luv a punk boy?_1841959 Lock
can you luv a punk boy?_1841959
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could I join?

I may be bi, who cares I am who I am

R.I.P Chris, you are gone but not forgotten.

I am sexy And I do Know It!

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((yes and Sunshine you is accepted!!)

Hiya Guys! I am Miss Know it All! Come to me for advice and more about GF BF troubles, Fashion flops, Friends and Family issues!
CALL me Know it all
Miss Know it All

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(May I join?)

Hey People call me Erin and Ivy you rock.I love my buds and How to train your dragon rocks.

My two Epic Quote are:

"Your a foul loathful evil little cockroach" Hermione Granger talking to Malfoy

"Seaweed brain."Annabeth nick naming Percy.
Sim traits:
Family Orientated

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