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can you luv a punk boy?_1841959
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This is an RP about a school where learning is the least of their worries. The characters in this story will face breakups, distrust, backstabbers, and just plain cruel people. Rules No getting pregnant Nothing dirty! Cussing on the minimum Include everyone and must at least have two characters Name: Age: Looks: Backround: secrets(optional): other: I'll post mine once we get people

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(May i join) Name: Alexandra(Alex) age:15 LooksFrown didn't want to come out!) red hair with brownish highlights....and not to short...she's curvy.. background: she's knows as the friendly one... secrets: none  other: her dad left when she was little and her mom doesn't care about her so its just her and her older brother.....

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(Can I join!? smile )

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