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can you imagine that you have a pair of jeans on and a black and white stripped tank top on .what type of shoes should you where with the outfit? question 2: what is the most important item in fashion? question 3: whatr type of sneakers sould you where with white shorts and a blue tank top for the summer time?

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Black ugg boots question 2 purse question 3 sparkly silver vans

give me a chance
i dont bitee

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take my  advice .. 1 wear a pair of jeans or dress or skirt 2 wear the most fablous shirt you have for example on that very cool like real shiny shirt 3 then wear a pair of shoes that match 4 next wear jewelery pherhaps  5 then a purse   6 then if you can and would like to curl your hair this could make you look great...  smile

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