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How Electronics Got Me In Trouble

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Posted about 4 years ago

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As much as we love our electronics, they often interfere with our daily lives and can often cause trouble. 

One day someone else's phone went off in class and everyone, including myself, thought it was mine. The teacher took away my phone and tablet for the day. Turns out it wasn't me but I still got the punishment.  

How did your electronics get you in trouble?

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Posted almost 4 years ago

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I was at a travel and tourism seminar representing my school. I was in uniform, and a loner since only one student was invited. Since it was an out of school activity, my parents wouldn't let me go without my phone since they are paranoid about my safety.
I, being the idiot I am, forgot to put my phone on silent and keep it inside my bag. Instead, I kept it on the metal table. Towards the end of the seminar, in the time allocated for Q&A, my mom thinking that I must have finished by now and to send the driver to pick me up, decided to call me.
It was a moment when the mike was being passed around and quite silents, my phone started flashing and vibrating loudly. I immediately turn the silent mode on, but too late, everyone in the room was turning around and looking at me, including my teacher who was in the front row.
One of the supervisor of the seminar who was passing the mike around, came over to be and asked me to leave the hall.
Next day in school, I was in trouble for 'degrading' my school in an international seminar in front of 'important' people and how irresponsible I was and my mistake because a student in uniform must have behaved better! -.-

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