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Bobby Jack

Posted By:
Member since:
March 2010

Posts: 1
Posted about 6 years ago
Bobby Jack is a monkey he likes to chew bubble gum and eat candy.He has a friend mouse.He is a awesome monkey you should check him out .He loves to pose and is not a big fan of taking pics.Hope you love him. smile

Posted By:
$amantha_1513302 Lock
Member since:
June 2010

Posts: 20
Posted about 6 years ago
i luv bobby jack i had all of his clothes ever scince i was eight and he is kinda stuckup but he is adorable and i have seen that he has like a twin monkey friend and yes he is obsessed with bubblegum i wonder if he has cavities and his pet mouse is suppppperrrrr adorable he looks like a mouse version of theodore

$amantha {RAVER GURL} S3XY CAR3B3ARS *PHAZE* DUECES*!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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