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What are your thoughts on Windows 8? I am running Windows 7 Enterprise (It's basically Windows 7 Ultimate, but with extra features for i.t. computer specialist. You can only get the trial if your not in i.t. specialist. I have the full version.) I have used Windows 8 (Not the Preview the full version) and I used it on a touch screen computer (it was designed for touchscreens and works best with that. But works fine without touchscreen too.) and I thought it was ok. It wasn't terrible like like Vista, but if you have Windows 7 I don't advise upgrading. If you have Vista I do advise it or windows 7. If you have X P I suggest upgrading to Windows 7, I don't know if you can upgrade straight to Windows 8 considering you have to do a clean install when installing Windows 7. Do not get the consumer preview, wait until the full thing comes out, They have finished the idea and they sent it out to computer stores to try it o I got o try it since I work at one!

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