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January, 2007
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Hey yall, I just wanted to c if there were any PCD fans on this board.

I jst can''t get enough of that song BEEP! Every time I hear it i wanna dance like that girl does on pcdarehotxxxx!!!

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Don''t cha wish your boyfriend was hot like Patrick.

Yeah. Sorry. I loathe them. I make up different versions of Don''t Cha.

I''m a stitch away from making it, and a scar away from falling apart.

I use cliche lines like they''re going. out. of. style.
xPoint Taken. Cliche Proven.)

My words don''t come out naturally, they''re operated by machine.

Do you know you''re fake? Stop giving for the take.

Secrets don''t make friends

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xxxxxcat dolls have NO talent same with just about anything in the top 40.

Nintendo will kill off Sony and Microsoft some day.

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They are sooooooo cool!

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