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my charts

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here are the charts I did with my brother 1st If we ever meet again timberland ft Katy Perry 2nd until u where gone chipmunk 3rd I got u Leona Lewis 4th bleeding love Leona Lewis 5th starstruck 3H0!3 ft Katy Perry 6th the morning after dark timberland ft Nelly futardo Shoshy 7th meet me halfway The black eyed peas 8th hot n cold Katy Perry 9th beat again JLS 10th Gracie Kelly Mika 11th the fear Lilly Allen 12th number one enemy Daisy dares ft chipmunk 13th do-wha-do Kate Nash 14th you know me Robbie Williams 15th in my head Jason Derulo 16th strayed eyed Ellie Gogdigulling 17th so what Pink 18th fireflies owl city 19th replay Iyaz 20th rule the world Take that 21St telephone Lady gaga ft beyonce Here is the charts I did with my brother and a friend 1st i got u Leona Lewis 2nd the fear Lilly Allen 3rd if we ever meet again Katy Perry and timberland 4th the morning after dark timberland ft nely,soshy 5th starstruck Katy Perry ft 30h!3 6th beat again JLS 7th you have got the dirty love Florence against the machine ft dizzy rascal 8th bleeding love Leona Lewis 9th fire kasaben 10th hot n cold Katy Perry 11th its not fair Lilly Allen 12th grace Kelly mika 13th owl city fireflies 14th replay Iyaz 15th bohemian aphsdy Queen here is a vs chart I did against my brother I am with Katy perry my brother is with Leona lewis 1st Katy Perry ft timberland if we ever meet again 2nd Leona Lewis I got u 3rd Katy Perry hot n cold 4th Leona Lewis Bleeding love 5th Katy Perry ft 3H0!3 starstruck 6th Katy Perry I Kissed a girl 7th Leona Lewis forgive me 8th Leona Lewis Run 9th Leona Lewis All get better in time 10th Katy Perry Californian girls

pokemon rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the best singer is... ..................................................................................Katy perry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:

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