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20. Hate That I Love You (feat. Ne-Yo) 19. Unfaithful 18. Disturbia 17. We Ride 16. Breakin Dishes 15. Shut up And Drive 14. Umbrella 13. Push Up On Me 12. Good Girl Gone Bad 11. If I Never See Your Face Again (feat. Maroon 5) 10. Pon De Replay 09. Take A Bow 08. Te Amo 07. Rehab 06. SOS 05. Hard 04. Rude Boy 03. Love The Way You Lie (feat. Eminem) 02. Only Girl In The World 01. What's My Name? + Who's That Chick

DancingWithTigers: My nickname from Hugebear!

And I have another nickname from my friends called Kitkat! Now I've got two! Yay!

Boom, Boom, Boom,
Boom, Boom, Boom,
You want a KITKAT! X2
Boom, Boom, Boom,
Nah, X2
Boom, Boom, Boom, X2

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