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Adventure Time Frost and Fire: Was it bad, or just me?

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August, 2013
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This for those only who have watched it, or don't intend on watching it, b/c I have spoilers in it.
Anyway, I really disliked Frost and Fire, and this is comin from a fanatic who rarely says this about    Adventure Time.  It seemed really cool, until Finn used FP'S  uttermost secrets that she trusted him with to make a fight for a dumb wonder she broke up with him.  And Jake gave him really bad advice....and Ice King was actually polite to them the second time around. I'm really sad because Flame Princess is in my top she may never be with Finn again. I'm not sure of it, but it seems like the writers took her out. Hopefully, this will get sorted out or she will get a proper goodbye next episode.
If I think, though, their relationship wouldn't ever go anywhere. He can't touch her, and if he even just lets himself be burned, Flame Princess will blow the world up anyway.
Anyway, all who watched it, what is your opinion?

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