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simpsons rumor?!?!? Pt. 2

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Executive Producer Al Jean has remained tight-lipped since announcing that a "major" character was going to be killed off during the new season. He gave very little details into the character's identity but Jennifer Tilly might have spilled the beans. (spoiler alert) 
 caught up with Tilly, who is close to co-creator Sam Simon, and asked her which character was going to die. Of course, Tilly didn't want to name drop but she did tell TMZ that rumor has is that Apu was getting chopped. Voiced by Hank Azaria, Apu  is a Kwik-E-Mart employee who is best known for is catch phrase, "Thank you, come again." He is also a friend of Homer Simpson's. When Jean announced that a character was leaving for good the only information he would provide was that "the actor playing the character won an Emmy for playing that character." 

which character will leave Springfield for good? tell me.

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