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What is ur fav TV programme?

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Posted over 4 years ago

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Kids see many channels in TV.But they have some fav shows.Such as, Mine is "Man vs Wild" What is ur fav TV show?


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I like 'Dance Moms' because it's funny and cool smile

My fave movies are twilight (duh), hunger games/catching fire, and pitch perfect

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I love to post in forum games, msg me if you have a good one.

Jacob, Edward, and Bella

I love Dance Moms! Tongue Out Chole is my favorite, but Maddy is 2nd.

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The History channel when the talk about Nazi Germany, just kidding Arrow, the tomorrow people, supernatural, and game of thrones

Thank you everyone for six amazing years of joy, humor, happiness, and excitement. No matter how far are paths may divert I'll always be here with you. So please don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened. Thanks you Rahmeir, Alyssa, Kathryn, Caitlin, Veronica, Monica, and all my rp and debating buddies. Thanks for the memories.

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Daria or Adventure Time

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