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Viva La Bam

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simplegrl-l Lock
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January, 2007
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ha ha i like that show its hysterical but i got in trouble for watching it cuz they do some stuff that is not like "G" but its so funni! Bam...ah! he is so hott! lol


Jesus is The Way and My Way

"Just light the match and run. Run from all those times. She poured gasoline and by fire''s light she cried. She cried all night, until the salt from her tears rusted shut her eye."

Simply addicted to you...
I cant live without you
There is so much i need to tell you
All I want to do is sit there and stare at you
All my time is spent thinking of you
It replays and replays in my mind the time you said you loved me....
Those words spoke from your mouth.
Like a bullet it shot me and struck....
...........I loved you .

Viva La Bam

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lovexhats Lock
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January, 2007
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i love that show!


good charlotte rocks i love them..

ummmmmmmmm i like cheese band geek pride!

"the greatest thing you''ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return..."-moulin rouge

..hopelessly hopefull
so young and naive
you dont need to wear
your heart on your sleeve.. think you know me
you think you understand me
you think you can show me
everything you''ve planned for me
you''re not a fighter
you don''t save me
from all of my harmers
you''re not my hero
not my savior
not my knight in shining armour-
you''re even better
you''re mine forever..

%take me home tonight
i don''t wanna let you go
til you see the light
take me home tonight
listen honey just like ronnie said
be my little baby%

%when winter comes in sum

Viva La Bam

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January, 2007
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xQUOTE]Datex 6/22/2005 8x48x43 PM
ha ha i like that show its hysterical but i got in trouble for watching it cuz they do some stuff that is not like ''G'' but its so funni! Bam...ah! he is so hott! lolx/QUOTE]

Lol, I''ve seen like... one/two episodes... I want to watch more often, but my sister hates it. Haha... when I think of Bam... that one music video comes to mind... sorry, spacing out. But, Bam''s cool.

This may be unbelievable, but I''m not obsessed with GC anymore,
But I am in love with Fall Out Boy... for now. |hence the avatar|

''And the record won''t stop skipping,
And the lies won''t stop slipping,
And besides my rexxxxions on the line.''
~~Summer Song~~ ~~FOB~~

SHAY''S LIZARD... know that, and fear it.

The way he feels inside, those thoughts I can''t deny, these sleeping dogs won''t lie, and all I''ve tried to hide, it''s eating me apart, trace this line back.
~~AAR~~ ~~Dirty Little Secret~~

''The best part of Believe is the Lie'' ~Pete W.~

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