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Info on Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!

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I surfed the internet for a whole bunch of info on the show,and here is what I found:

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! xcommonly known by its initialism, SRMTHFG) is an American animated television series that currently airs on Jetix, ABC Family and Toon Disney. It is the story of five robotic monkeys and a human boy named Chiro as they struggle against the evil forces of the Skeleton King, their nemesis. The group lives on the fictional planet of Shuggazoom. As is obvious from the visual appearance of the show, supported by former writer, Greg Weisman, there is a significant anime influence present, including limited animation, and mouth motions that do not fit the shape of the words spoken, despite being produced for American television. It also has Star Trek and Star Wars influence. The show is currently on its third season.[1]

Theme Song:

Chiro: xNarrating) While exploring the outskirts of the city, I discovered an abandoned Super Robot. It was then my life was transformed by the mysterious Power Primate. The Robot Monkeys were awakened and I, Chiro, became their leader. Our quest: Save Shuggazoom City from the evils of the Skeleton King.
xEnd Narration)

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!
Fighting any evil, they are Shuggazoom''s hope!
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!
Defeating any foe!
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!
If you need a hero, that''s the name you should know!
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!
Come on with us - let''s go!

Each episode runs for 30 minutes, with commercials. The first series consisted of 14 episodes, the second was of 11 episodes, and the third 15 episodes.

The show was created by Ciro Nieli, one of the producers of Teen Titans.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! is set in Shuggazoom, a city that takes up most of its planet xalso named Shuggazoom), and stars a teenager named Chiro. When he was exploring the outskirts of Shugazoom, he discovered a giant abandoned super robot and decided to see if he could salvage any spare parts from it. However, once inside, he pulls the ''on'' switch, awakening the 5 robotic monkeys that form the Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce and fusing himself with the Power Primate, which allows him to transform into a brave fighter and bold leader with the aid of the five robot monkeys: Antauri, Gibson, Sprx-77 xshrunk to Sprx for short), Otto, and Nova. Their mission is to save Shugazoom City from the evil Skeleton King.

By virtue of the fact that Chiro was not a superhero from birth, the five robot monkeys must train him, which ultimately results in him leading the team. The five robot monkeys continue to train Chiro, as he fulfills his destiny as the protector of the universe.

When fighting the larger enemies, the Hyperforce uses the Super Robot xhence the show''s name), which can split into six separate vehicles in true Japanese sentai fashion x i.e. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers). Its main attack when in one piece is Lazatron Fury, which is an energy beam fired from its chest. Chiro and the monkeys also live in the robot.


Chiro: The protagonist of the show, Chiro is a quiet teenager and a science geek, until he absorbs the energy of the "Power Primate." He works with the Monkey Team to become a brave hero who stops the antagonist''s evil plans, thus saving Shuggazoom. Chiro was the only person who could understand the Robot Monkeys xanyone else will just hear regular monkey noises) until Season 3''s "The Skeleton King Threat". He loves the show ''The Sun Riders'' and vid-games. He pilots the Torso Tank . In battle, he fights using martial arts and electric attacks. His special attacks include Thunder Punch, a powerful punch charged with electricityx Lightning Kick, a powerful kick charged with electricityx Chiro Spearo, where he creates one or more lightning javelins in his hands and throws themx and Monkey Fu, a burst of green energy which either explodes all around him or is concentrated into a wide beam. In the season one finale, he gained the ability to "unleash his inner primate", creating a large green monkey-shaped energy field around himself that mimics his motions. Near the beginning of season three, his body temporarily contained Antauri''s spirit before Antauri was transferred into the silver monkey''s body. At the end of "Savage Lands, Part 2" he showed that he can also use Antuari''s Monkey Mind Scream. Also during Season 1, it is revealed that Chiro is the "Chosen One", though for what and by whom is not known. He is voiced by Greg Cipes, who played as Beast Boy in Teen Titans.
Antauri: Antauri is the black monkey in the 1st 2 seasons of the series xand powerful silver monkey in the current 3rd season}, and second in command. He teaches Chiro in how to control the Power Primate while giving spiritual advice to the rest of his team. Spends most of his time meditating or patrolling Shugazoom for Skeleton King activity. He dislikes vid-games. Antauri''s arms can change into large, glowing purple claws which can phase through objects. He pilots the Brain Scrambler. His special attacks include Claw Disruptor, where he sends his claw into a target and damages it from the insidex and Monkey Mind Scream, an attack common to users of the Power Primate which is a green energy blast fired from the mouth. In season two''s cliffhanger finale "I, Chiro", Antauri''s physical body is destroyed by Mandarin, but his spiritual self survives and stores itself into Chiro. In the third season opener "The Savage Lands", Antauri is reborn through the body of the seventh monkey, colored silver xmore specifically, it is an exact color inversion of Antauri''s original form). Chiro then rebuilt Antauri according to the recording left in the laboratory where it was found, the silver monkey is the strongest fighting monkey, but was ultimately deemed a failure and never put together, because it was fully robotic and could not wield the Power Primate. When Antauri''s spirit was transferred from Chiro to the monkey''s body, Antauri reactivated himself. In his new form, Antauri''s entire body can phase shift to pass through solid matter, similar to the way the claws of his original body worked, in addition to powers of telekinesis. He also retained all of his control over the Power Primate, as shown when he unleashed the Monkey Mind Scream. Antauri is the 1st wielder of the Mind Scream, but seemingly passed it unto Chiro as well while he and Chiro were united. He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.
Sprx: Sprx-77, known simply as Sprx, xpronounced Sparks, Sparx) is the red monkey, and the team''s best pilot. He''s very much the comedian and has quite the ego. He''s in love with Nova, xthough he never admits it, and always gets interrupted xby Nova herself at times) when he''s about to) but isn''t afraid to hit on other females as well, much to Nova''s dismay. Never calls Chiro anything but ''kid'' xpossibly as a pet name). His hands turn into magnets in battle. His special attacks include Magno-Ball Blazer, a sphere of electricity which is launched as a projectile, and Magna-Tingler Blast, electrical streams which can go in multiple directions. Pilots the Fist Rocket 3. He is voiced by Corey Feldman.

Gibson: Gibson is the blue monkey, and the team''s scientist. Full name is Mr. Hal Gibson, but is usually just called Gibson. Often starts long winded explanations when he finds something of interest, and has trouble deciding if Otto is a genius or an idiot. He hands turn into drills which can fire various material and energy projectiles. His projectiles include, but are not limited to, the Photon Scalpel, a laser beam which he sweeps across a target to cut itx Biostatic Energy Amplification Darts, which are small electrical blasts xthis attack is called Spin Shocker, as suggested by Otto, because Biostatic Energy Amplification Darts takes too long to say)x tranquilizer darts xhe never uses these, but mentions that he has them)x a tracer: and insulation foam. He pilots the Fist Rocket 4. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.
Otto: Otto is the green monkey, and the team''s mechanic. Although his talent with machines is unmatched, he''s also pretty dumb in everything else, and loves to name the monsters that the team encounters. As the monkeys are robotic themselves, it''s, on a surprising note, usually up to Otto to repair any damages. His hands turn into saws made of green energy, and he pilots the Foot Crusher Cruiser 5. His main attacks are Whirling Destructo-Saws, Energy Thrust and Vertical Razor Chariot. Otto has had a dream of being in a circus, and more specifically being a trapeze artist. In "Circus of Ooze", he got that wish. Otto has a soft spot for anything young or smaller than him. It shows in "The Stranded Seven" when he becomes fast friends with the young kitten in the village. Throughout the episode, Otto treats the kitten as a pet, feeding it from his own plate, using his tail as a toy for the kitten, and when he has to leave at the end of the episode, he takes a part of his tail off to give to the kitten, presumably as a toy or to remind the kitten of Otto. He is voiced by Clancy Brown.
Nova: Nova is the yellow monkey with pink eyes, and the only female in the group xuntil Jinmay becomes an honorary member). She''s the team''s main fighter and has quite the temper. Has a love/hate relationship with Sprx, hates the cold xdue to a past incident with Mandarin), and had a loving bond with her creator, the Skeleton King when he was human xhe called her "Dearest Nova"). Her hands become much larger in battle and she pilots the Foot Crusher Cruiser 6. Her main attack is Lady Tomahawk xshe pounds her hands to the ground or on an enemy, such an a Formless), but she also uses the Boom Boom Wake Up xa greatly powered up punch) and the Knuckle Duster xfaking a punch to trick the enemy, then attacking by quickly extending her knuckles when their guard is down). She recently became the team''s third-in-command. She is voiced by Kari Wahlgren.

Skeleton King: The Skeleton King resides in the Citadel of Bone in space, and is determined to rule Shugazoom. He uses the Formless xskeleton-like creatures made from ooze) and various monsters to fight the Monkey Team. Is very interested in just what makes Chiro so special. In the season one finale, it is revealed that Skeleton King is in possession of a large amount of toys Chiro played with when he was small. This had led to speculation that S.K. is Chiro''s father, although it is not yet confirmed, this would prove to be a fitting irony given S.K. is voiced by Mark Hamill, whose portrayal of Luke Skywalker, son of Anakin, aka Darth Vader, defines the role of science fiction hero with a corrupted parent. During the of Season 2, it is revealed that Skeleton King was the one who created the Robot Monkeys, and near the end of Season 3, it is revealed that he also assisted in the construction of the Super Robot, though he disappeared shortly after its completion, taking it with him. He was once a human alchemist who fused life, science and magic. He also loved the Robot Monkeys, especially Nova. He was, however, corrupted by "The Dark One", leading him to becoming Skeleton King. At the end of Season 2, he is knocked by Chiro into the pool from which the Dark One is born, and he fuses with the Dark One , its antenna attaching to his head and possessing him, feeding off his evil energy xthough the rest his body became trapped beneath Shugazoom''s surface). He maintains this form throughout Season 3, as he and the worm use their evil to corrupt entire planets. At the season''s end, his head is detached from the worm by Antauri, killing him, but it is relocated by Mandarin. The purpose it will serve in the future, however, is unknown. He is voiced by Mark Hamill.
Mandarin: Mandarin is the infamous ''sixth'' monkey, who was the original leader of the team. At some point before the show begins, he decided that he was too powerful to merely protect Shuggazoom, and decided he should rule it instead. The other monkeys defeated him and sent him into space, but he returns during the story, and later joins the Skeleton King. He was the orange monkey xwhich is why all of Chiro''s weapons, costume, and transport tube colors are orange) and the original pilot of Torso Tank Driver 1. His weapons were a pair of gauntlets which produced an energy blade and shield. At the end of Season 2, he is defeated by Chiro and eaten by the Dark One, but returns in a zombielike state at the end of Season 3. He is currently in possession of Skeleton King''s decapitated head and TV Bot''s remains, though his purpose for possessing these items is unknown. He is obviously named after both the Mandarin orange and the Mandarin dialect of Chinese. He is possibly intended to parody the Sentai/Power Rangers tradition of the sixth Ranger xusually added halfway through the season) being evil or at least a lone wolf at first. He is voiced by Chinese-American actor James Hong.

Other characters
Jinmay: In the first episode, Chiro had a crush on Jinmay, unaware that she was a robot and under the control of the Skeleton King. She tried to destroy the monkey team, but remembered all the good memories of Chiro and his friends, and fought Skeleton King''s control. She left Shugazoom shortly afterwards. She returns at the end of season 1, with a surprise-a mecha modeled after herself. After Antauri''s return as the silver monkey in season 3, she became an honorary member of the team - the second female. She is voiced by Ashley Johnson. It is generally considered a coincidence that Chiro and Jinmay''s relationship is similar to that of Teen Titans'' Beast Boy and Terra xalso voiced by Cipes and Johnson respectively), especially considering the events surrounding Terra in Season 2.
The Sun Riders: The Sun Riders are Super Quasier, Aurora Six and Johnny Sunspot. They have their television series of which Chiro is an avid fan. However, they wanted to stop "acting" their parts, and joining Skeleton King, promised to destroy Chiro and the monkey team in return for actual power. They later return in Season 2, in the Episode "The Sun Riders Return", apparently reformed, although why is unclear. Aurora Six appeared as an aspect of the dream world in a later episode.
Slingshot: Also known as Prometheus Five, the fifth and most recent in a series of robots of which the Super Robot is the first. As his name implies, beyond standard flight abilities, Slingshot can create energy balls from his hands and use them to propel himself forward at high speed, causing him to move fast enough that he can pierce even the toughest of metals. Shortly after Slingshot was completed, one of his creators, Prof. Maezono, attempted to transplant his brain into Slingshot''s robotic shell as a means of becoming the ultimate death machine. However, his partner, Dr. Takauchi, removed the power cord during the process as a means of stopping him. The resulting overload caused a massive explosion, killing Dr. Takauchi and reducing Prof. Maezono to a disembodied brain. Slingshot blames Maezono for Takauchi''s death, and has been battling the mad professor, who wants to see him destroyed, ever since. Unlike the Super Robot, Slingshot is capable of using human speech xthough he hears, understands and translates the Super Robot''s silent speech). He is voiced by Scott Menville.


Season 1
Chiro''s Girl
Depths of Fear
Planetoid Q
Magnetic Menace
The Sun Riders
Secret of the Sixth Monkey
Pit of Doom
A Man Called Krinkle
Ape New World
Circus of Ooze
Hidden Fortress
Skeleton King

Season 2
World of Giants
The Lords of Soturix 7
In the Grip of Evil
Versus Chiro
Shadow Over Shuggazoom
The Sun Riders Return
Hunt for the Citadel of Bone
Wonder Fun Meat World
Antauri''s Masters
I, Chiro

Season 3
The Skeleton King Threat
The Savage Lands xPart 1)
The Savage Lands xPart 2)
Season of the Skull
A Ghost in the Machinder
The Stranded Seven
Girl Trouble
Brothers in Arms
Monster Battle Club Now!
Meet the Wigglenog
Big Lug
Belly of the Beast
Galactic Smash: Space Attack xPart 1)

Season 4
Galactic Smash: Space Attack xPart 2)


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