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Penguins are my Love and Passion

Celebs cartoon
Posted almost 6 years ago

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I love penguins, so all you out there who love them too, friend me, we can talk forever! Anyway, did you know that when penguins are about to jump off a cliff to hunt and/or swim, they jostle around until one falls off. then they wait and see if that poor penguin gets eaten by a leopard seal. if they don't they all go in, if they DO, then they go to a different spot and repeat. post!

peace, love, and penguins,

Posted almost 6 years ago

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Haha, cute! xD

Posted almost 6 years ago

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Yeah, except for the fact that sometimes one of them dies. But I suppose it is better than having them all get eaten. By the way - I just lost the game. Thanks, penguins.

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