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My number 1 favorite animal is a Squirrel, just because their awesomeness fades away every disadvantage they have. (while they don't have any.) And their tails, owhohw, I'm just in love with squirrels Big Grin    (flying squirrels have ninja skills too) What do ya'll think about those furry friends? Big Grin

He who is understanding of others and expects a good life, will be happy in his next life.

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I SAW A SQUIRREL! He was doin' like this! *chatter chitter squeak* ~GIR From Invader Zim

I am not new. I've had an account before this.

Wanna RP? SURE!!

My open roleplay games:
We Are Animals
You Can't Play With Love
The Wolves

Other people's games I'm in:
One Big Happy Family

Don't friend request me if we've never talked or RPed or anything. I will reject. Get to know me? Then I'll accept.

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Squirrels are Cute .  smile

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