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How to Do A Double front Hand spring In the water!!

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May, 2013
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Hi guys. This Week's forum theme for me Is How to do a Double Front Handspring. you need to be able to do a front Handspring in the water. I am gonna give you a tutorial on how to do it Today. First, you should always Warm up so put 1 Leg Behind and the other leg in a lunge than use your hands to push down then up to strengthen your legs and Body. for arms, you can do arm circles. Ok. 
1. go underwater. 
2. go into a handstand then flip over. do this 4 times. 
You are done!! 

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How to Do A Double front Hand spring In the water!!

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June, 2013
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Oh that's cool but I don't think I can try it any time soon because I won't be going to a pool but if I was going to go to one, I still can't do it because there would be people and I would be kicked out of the pool if I did a hand spring.


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