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360 flip, 360 ollie, frontside 180 ollie,varial kickflip,varial heelflip, hardflip, twisted flip, nose crooked grind tips

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Front side 180 Ollie

Place your feet as you would to Ollie. Now this is easier when moving at a controlled speed. Start turning inward then pop up and swing your shoulders around to start spinning. Try to keep your balance over your board and try to Ollie high when you do this. This trick is a lot easier if you turn before you do your 180 to give you a bit of a head start and a quicker spin. Twist your body front side and tuck your board up and let if fallow. You want to be able to keep going after you land so that means you have to spin the whole thing. Pretend your turning when you still on the ground this help a lot of people spin faster. Keep your balance over the middle of the board and you should be fine. All I can say is turn into your 180 and spin your shoulders. Keep practicing this. This trick looks really good when you can spin the whole thing and land and keep on going. Always keep the board under your feet to make sure that you will land on it. Keep practicing and you should be fine. This trick takes awhile to learn and perfect but it's a cool trick.


Place the ball of your back foot across the tail, a little bit more towards the heel side of your board is better. xHeel side is the side your heel is on...obviously). Place your front foot in the kickflip position and a little more parallel with the heel side of your board. Bend down and get ready. Pop as hard as you can on the tail, and begin to slide your front foot off the corner of the nose and try to keep it there, out of the way, while the board rotates. As soon as your front foot is almost off the board lift you back foot up and out of the way by moving out in the toe side xopposite of heel side, side that your toes is on) direction. As the board turns vertical in the air, bring your back foot around towards the front of the board to let the board move between your legs. As soon as it is possible, put your feet back on the board and even out.

360 kickflip

Put your back foot flat across the tail. Place your front foot in some type of kickflip position, but with your toes pointing more towards the nose at about a 45 degree angle. Bend your knees, but try and keep your shoulders and upper body facing the direction you're riding, it makes it easier to get the board to spin the full 360. Pop the tail. While doing this you''ll need x1) Pull you back foot towards you, this makes the board rotate 360. x2) Kick your front foot almost straight out, this makes the board flip and helps it rotate the 360 degrees. Let the board do all its spinning and flipping. Then when you're landing get your feet in the right position, because it''s hard to land it good.

Front side 360 Ollie

You should now how to 180s before trying 360s. First you pop your tail just like for an Ollie. Then twist your hips to get full momentum. Now it is hard to just spin 360' on a skateboard so when you are about 270 `you can land then pivot to get the full spin. 360s are hard on flat ground so try it off a ramp or a high ledge. When you land, to try to have you feet on the bolts of the board so you can stick the landing. Be sure to suck your legs up to your chest so that you can have some air for the spin.

Nose crooked grind

Find something to grind. If it''s not a rail, it will be easier and less scary to learn on. Get rolling. The faster you go the longer you''ll be able to grind for. Ride parallel up to the object you''re going to grind with your feet as you would have them an ollie, but you might want your front foot a little closer to the nose. Bend your knees and pop your tail. Ollie up and point your nose down at the object by straightening your front foot, but keeping your back leg a little bent. As soon as your front truck hits the object xor even before if you want) push your back foot forward to make the board turn out at an angle xso that you''re crooked). Push your nose all the way down with your foot completely over the nose and parallel with the object you''re grinding. This will keep you locked in. Since your nose is dragging you will slowed down a bit. Make sure that you have a decent amount of speed when you''re trying this trick or you won''t grind. When you''re at the end of the object take some weight off of your nose so that it lifts up a little bit. Then push it back down quickly to sort of nollie out. Land on all four wheels and roll away.

Varial heelflip

Put your back foot on the tail where you would for a front side shuv-it and your front foot on the deck where you would for a heelflip with your toe hanging off slightly more than usual. Bend your knees and pop the tail like you would for a front side shuv-it, and at the same time kick your heel off the corner of the nose to flip the board. Try and keep your front foot out of the way so that the board can spin completely. Catch the board with your back foot when it''s done rotating and flipping and then bring your front foot back onto it. Land on all four wheels and roll away.

Varial kickflip

Push a few times to get rolling at a comfortable speed. Put your back foot flat across the tail, and place your front foot just behind the front truck bolts. Bend your knees and pop a backside shuv-it. Before the board rotates very much kick your foot off the corner of the nose to help the board spin the kickflip and rotate the 180. Keep your shoulders and legs parallel with the direction you are going. It will make the landing easier. Let the board flip completely and catch it like you would catch a backside shuv-it. Land on all four wheels and bend you knees to take the impact. Ride away.

Ollie higher
Ok now first of all the pop- It should sound really clean and it should be as quick as possible. The quicker the better. Foot should be at the end of the tail the very tip of it. When you pop and start to drag your drag shouldn''t make you go a lot higher but it should make you go 3 inches higher. IT depends on your pop if you board is vertical than it should be half the height of your board in the air. When you pop you board should come up, you shouldn''t force it up. When you have to drag to get it higher that means your pop isn''t good enough. The board should be forcing you to go upward it should be coming straight up. You should feel the board after you pop because it should be pushing upward on your feet. When you drag you should be leveling your board up. Tip- Have you ever seen a Ollie competition. Notice how much the people tuck up. It is almost like you sitting on the edge of your board you should be able to grab and Indy when your in the air. Most important, always start small and practice to Ollie higher. Start out by Olliing decks or bricks or onto curbs when you can do that try to stack up decks to make 2 decks or Ollie onto ledges about that height. The pop is where your Ollie comes from. It should be quick and you should be hearing a snap sound. Try Ollie off of stairs or ledges that you think you can do. If it seems way to hard and you can''t then don''t but if you have any doubt that you can then try it.
360 Shove It
Hook your back foot just behind the back truck, this will allow you to throw the board. Keep your front foot slightly above the front truck to all for balance within the shove it. Bend low, rise up and throw your back foot in order to rotate the board clockwise. Lift your feet high and jump slightly to your heel side. This is the most critical part of making the trick. It allows you to catch up to the board in line with the position of the spin. Keep your feet up high, and look for the board as it comes around. You really have to catch it with speed in order to have the board stay under you as you move along. For the landing, try to set your feet over the trucks, this will allow for a solid landing from which you can shift your feet to prepare for your next trick.

Twisted flip
This is a weird trick. If you can Varial Flip and Pop-Shove-It + Body Varial this is not all that hard. Ok Set up like a varial flip. Now spin the Varial flip the way you usually do and in the air turn your body the other way to board is spinning. It takes a while to get all the spinning in but after you can do that you have to worry about something else... The landing. This is kind of tough because you can''t see where the board is because it is behind and under your feet. If your spinning is good the landing should be to. Just hope the board finished spinning and try and land on it and remember to bend your knees. This trick should be done while moving slowly. Landing this trick is very difficult. Try your Pop-Shove-It + Body Varial if that is perfect then just hope for the best. Landing switch isn''t that hard but remember to practice and don''t be afraid of your board. You should trust your board that it won''t nail you in the shin.

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