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Advice From Ash :D


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Name:Advice From Ash :D
Description:Okay. Hey. Feeling Depress? Emotions Getting You Down? Stress? Self Harm? Girlfriend or Boyfriend help? Anything else. I Can Help (: Join and comment to get advice from me and my friends.
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Chikol68393 wrote:
2013-05-31 22:34:16 -0700


-AshleyS- wrote:
2013-05-19 21:22:53 -0700

You should ask him out.
You might feel scared, intimidated, or shy about asking a guy out, but there's no need to worry — plenty of girls do.
What's his name?

Chikol68393 wrote:
2013-05-19 20:57:48 -0700

Hey....theres this guy i like and he knows and he likes me too but he refuses to ask me out!! What do i do???


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