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yoshiloverz4 wrote:
2012-12-05 20:10:57 -0800

smile im awesome at singing and dancing i just tried out 4 the school play! Angel

Cassie109 wrote:
2012-12-06 12:34:20 -0800

Cool i love acting and Singing and I take Voice lessons to help improve my voice!!!!!!! i tried out for a play in ithe commutnity and i got the lead female smile

Ziporrah143;) wrote:
2012-12-06 19:40:26 -0800

Im really good at singing & dancing . I dance and sing EVERYDAY . I kinda almost broje my leg today dancing in my grandmas bathroom lol . I have to find me somewhere else to practice . Im in a group but we havent met up in months so im gonna try to start a solo career . smile



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