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Cameron Boyce


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Name:Cameron Boyce
Description:All fans of Cameron Boyce can join in this group. You can talk about: why you like him, what and how you would react,feel and do if he came up to you. Write your mind out. If you do not like him, you can tell us why and what you would do if he came up to you. What you send him ,if you had a chance to write a letter to him what eould you write? This group don't do right or wrong answers. It doesn't matter if you write anything bad. Come and join the Cameron Boyce group, there will be a gift for attenders!
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QueenTitania wrote:
2013-07-21 09:37:27 -0700

my fav line on Jessie that he said is........" Hi I am Bertram 2.0 congratulations on your free upgrade " smile

i_love_drawing wrote:
2013-07-12 12:09:07 -0700

if I ever met him I would say hey i'm Adrian whatcha doing lately

QueenTitania wrote:
2013-07-11 15:25:01 -0700

he is so funny and if I met him I would say can I have an autograph and wanto hang out for a little while Cool


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