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Made for those single luvers


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Name:Made for those single luvers
Description:For all those single lovers who's hearts have been broken continuosly.... ur not alone, theres tons of us! I for one, am single! And my heart is torn down the seam that i have constintly sown.... so for all u single luvers who want a friend just like u... join! and if u need some cheering up check out The Single Life by DJ Boonie on youtube! :) it cheers me up wenever im down, maybe it'll help u too! Keep ur head up and ur heart in one piece u guyz! XOXO Bella
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codysimpsonstar wrote:
2011-12-10 11:04:39 -0800


Rippedstorm_1137061 wrote:
2009-01-11 15:47:33 -0800

i am so joining!!! it has happened to many..times......

TwilightNvrEnds wrote:
2008-12-16 14:04:16 -0800

Single Rox!!!

XOXO Bella


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