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~*Singing and Poetry and Adive Column*~


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Name:~*Singing and Poetry and Adive Column*~
Description:This group is for people who love to sing. You can put up songs you like and even put up songs you made. Also poetry. I even do advice columns. This is a place to meet new people and share ideas. Come join!
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kinkybabe_1140081 wrote:
2008-10-18 13:16:54 -0700

I always have different poems written by me placed on the school notice board weekly

kinkybabe_1140081 wrote:
2008-10-18 13:15:33 -0700

i have lead choruses in my church a lot of time

miss.somme wrote:
2008-08-28 11:10:49 -0700

i once sang at my school in frount of everyone even the principal


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