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Tamagotchi Group


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Name:Tamagotchi Group
Description:Here you can talk about Tamagotchis. There are many systems of Tamagotchis: like the Tamagotchi P1 and P2 from 1996, Tamagotchi Angel, Tamagotchi Ocean, Digimon, Tamagotchi Morino, Tamagotchi Mesutchi and Osutchi, Tamagotchi Devil (Deviltchi is my avatar), Yasashii, Santaclautchi, TamaOtchi, Tamagotchi Plus/Connection/Connexion, Tamagotchi Ketai, Tamagotchi Akai, Tamagotchi Entama, Tamagotchi Uratama, Famitama/V5, Famitama Royal/V5.5. There are also many games for the Tamagotchi series: Game De Hakken!!! Tamagotchi, Game De Haken!!! Tamagotchi 2, Game De Hakken!!! Osutchi and Mesutchi, 64 Game De Hakken!!! Tamagotchi World, Saturn De Hakken!!! Tamagotchi Park, Tamagotchi Corner shop 1, 2 and 3, Tamagotchi Niji advernture. There is also a Tamagotchi movie called "Tamagotchi, Dokeydokey!!! No Maigotchi?!" released in Japanese theaters in December 2007, and scheduled for a DVD release soon. There is also a Tamagotchi based on Oden-Kun and Knocking on a jumping door, both Japanese shows. So come on down, lets talk!
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