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We Live In Owl City


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Name:We Live In Owl City
Category:Fan Club
Description:Everyone should live in Owl City. You can ride in a Hot Air Balloon up to the Alligator Sky and see the Galaxies and watch the Angels warn the Deer in the Headlights as the Vanilla Twilight slowly fades, and then you can see a few Shooting Stars and there are Fireflies teaching you how to dance, and there are Fuzzy Blue Lights shining brightly in The Saltwater Room, but they have to be careful or there might be a Cave In, which could lead to a Strawberry Avalanche.
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blueraven13 wrote:
2013-07-27 20:47:22 -0700

yay! a cool group who loves owl city!!!

Ginnyweasley12 wrote:
2013-07-27 19:39:15 -0700

It's no big deal, I totally LOVE owl city songs. Hmm, my favorite song? I like all his songs but maybe good time or hot air balloon.

Indie3_2525387 wrote:
2013-07-25 15:30:10 -0700

Thank you all for joining!

Indie3_2525387 wrote:
2013-07-21 11:49:14 -0700

What's your favorite Owl City song?


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