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Can't find a group that interests you? That’s okay, cause you can make your own.

Members: 22

Blueeyesclan <3 <3

Category: Uncategorized

This group is here to talk about anything! Social Anxiety? lets talk about it! Depression? We can help, Lets talk! about anything and everything! need advice ask! we will discuss our big dreams and our great plans!! <3 enjoy

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Members: 3

The Weekly Computer

Category: Kidzworld Help

My group is about computer and gaming help. Members, preferably 11-12-13 years old may join.

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Members: 16

Sweat Pants Patrol

Category: School Subjects

its to break the dress code against sweat pants!!!!!!! looking for Sweat Pant Patrol Members!!!!!!!!

Snoopy happy dance!!!
Members: 11

School Group

Category: School Subjects

This is 4 homework help, project ideas, ranting, basically anything to do with that stuff. Since school is BORING, I figured we should make it more fun!

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Members: 8

Andi Mack Fan Group

Category: Fan Club

For those that love the popular Disney show "Andi Mack"!!!!!!

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Members: 11

The LIT bunch!!!:)

Category: Just for fun

Idk what this is for but plz join!!!! luv yall bunches!!!!!;)

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Members: 64

Nature Nerds

Category: Organizations

Nature Nerds Join us as a forest of humanity and a community of weird creatures as we set forward to help save and protect organisms alike! Tell us your favorite animal or season (not condaments, like mustard or ketchup). Help us protect living a...

Members: 10


Category: Celebs


Members: 7

Rooster Teeth World

Category: Just for fun

Your hub for all things RT. Discuss shows, Roleplay Characters, meet other fans, or, if you've never heard of any of their stuff, join and learn about the greatness that is Rooster teeth!

Members: 8

Zion 6P

Category: School Subjects

Class discussion on various topics.

Members: 8

mynameisjeff398 fans

Category: Fan Club

#mynameisjeff398 BOSS BOI

Members: 6

Computers everything

Category: General

Computer experts welcome

Members: 9


Category: Food

lemons are good

Members: 2

#Churi supporters

Category: Uncategorized

#Churi supporters

Members: 5


Category: Uncategorized

Find this straight girl a boyfriend

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