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KW Groups are fun and cool way to meet other kids.

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If you're one of BirdmanLuver11's friends, please join this. You'll love it, but not as much as you love her!
Friends Of BlaqkAudio

I ♥ Edward Cullen!

He is soooooooo HOT!
Green day fans, please join!!!!!! I'm addicted to them! ♥ Billy Joe Armstrong ♥
It feels sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo warm!!!!

im cool are u?

yes thats right im cool, shocker i think not. if you dont join this group your ont cool



I ♥ Sean

If ur a TRUE skater, join!
If ur coming tew my super kewl awasome zexqusite supertaculous b-day party, join this gruop! If u dnt know me in real life, just join my supertaculuous awesome kewl online b-day rite here at KW!!!!!!!!!! :P
It is for something that mean that a girl was good but want bad!!!!!!!!!!!!! sign by: @mber
some people enjoy there life so if you enjoy your life you should live it again and again join this group if you agree
R u born in September if u r then join this group

born in febuary

if born in febuary join this group


if u like the North Carolina Tarheels join this group
I am super lame, I created a fan club! But join if you are my bestie! A.K.A: Tulip~Trina My Star~Avery Skittles~Dakota My Talent~Carly Racoon Chicka~Sam But there is always room for more names (: Oh and the reason my user is "Brain"WantsYou is ...
Which are better Rainbows or Thunderstorms! This a really pointless but amazingly cool group! Personally I say Rainbows, they inspire me and my different hair colors!

Kissing Boys

Kissing Boys is a good group when nerves take over when kissing a guy...
Your a jerk! Billie jean is not my lover

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A-z plant game

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The Convergence (Uni and Anna's Story) (WIP!)

The Convergence (Uni and Anna's Story) (WIP!)

The Convergence (Uni and Anna's Story) (WIP!)

The Convergence (Uni and Anna's Story) (WIP!)

The Convergence (Uni and Anna's Story) (WIP!)

The Convergence (Uni and Anna's Story) (WIP!)