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KW groups are a fun and cool way to meet other kids.
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KW Groups are fun and cool way to meet other kids.

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KW Groups are places where you and your friends can hang out and talk about similar interests. Interested in Bieber? Join the Bieber Fan group, or make one if it doesn't already exist.

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Hello! This Is Geek Squad Help! Basically We Help you with Pretty Much Anything You Need- Whether it's Profile Help Designing your profile to as nice as you want, debating in a board,and need stuff highlighted, making your own group,or anyt...
This is the Official Justin Beiber Fan Club! My pics are on my other computer and untill i get it fixed i am letting people(with justin beiber pictures) To be an Uber fan and upload a picture. So if you you want to be Uber just ask. So have fun t...


Love Me Please?(:
Know As;;
Bay Bay Jay.(:
This Is Julissa's Group.(:
Please Join!!
first of all shes wayyyy of course
'' ma lip gloss iz poppin day n day out lip gloss iz cool , glossy mines last's forever that's why ma love last's long enough wat does ur 's do ?
Hannah montana was about to jump of of a cliff if you would bring a lawn chair and popcorn like it was a movie then join today!!
nearly everybody loves their life so if you love your life you should be able to go back into a baby and start again dont you think

jamille group

hey its jamille and this group is about me and u can tell me any thats why i created this group to tell me any this LOL SMILE FACE

The Realist.x33

Breee Runnin Dis Bittt.! Only For The Realist Dont Join Iff You Fake.. I Will Put Pictures Up Of My ; Reall Ladies && Gents... I Will Promote Those To Uber ; Only If I Feel You DESERVE It... -The Baddest.x3


Okami, FTW!! :D If you're a fan of Okami, for Wii or PS2, PLEASE JOIN!!! :D

Lady Gaga Rox

If you like or luv Lady Gaga this group is great for you!!!:) Some Lady Gaga Songz: Bad Romance Telephone Paparazzi Love Game So if you happen to like or luv Lady Gaga... Plz join this group... And plz Comment on this group!!! So ...

:) ~Summer Lovers~ :)

Many people love the season Summer, better than others. But many don't love Summer better than Winter or any other as well. So this group is for people who love hot weather (Summer duh) and love to hang out in the sun. So if your a Summer Love...


if u r a heavy sleeper then join piz

Dream World

A World where you make up your Dream life. Make a name, an age, a gender, a husband or wife, and then the names of your kids. You can also get a job at one of the posted Businesses. Post your Dream Information in the comments. Here is what it shou...
If u r a girl like me that cant be without her phone for 2 seconds then u should join for the sake of txting!

blue eyes people

if u have blue eyes then this is the group for u

do u have Blue eyes

if u have blue eyes then this is the group for u
if you are one of the hottest girls on kidzworld join this club the real members will all be uber

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