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Can't find a group that interests you? That’s okay, cause you can make your own.

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The Awesome Ninja Frea...

Category: Uncategorized

Well Ninja Freaks are a group of pplz who like Ninjas! PPlease no Hatahs Its Just for fun If you like Ninjas and stuuff join, Or this dude on youtube called SwiftKarateChop if you like him you may join! Come on Joinn!

Members: 1
Totyana myspace background
Members: 2

Let ur feelingz go

Category: Uncategorized

If u got somethin on ur mind let it go n tell me bout da way u feel n ur problem. I will tell u if I think it is rite r if it is not rite wut someone did 2 u r wut u did 2 them!

Members: 2

everybody is invited

Category: Uncategorized

Hey guys this is emely.This group is about everyone!This is a group of where you can join.Its Where you can share ideas and if you have a problem.Its for everyone. Kids ,also other people than kids.This is a place where you could feel happy everyday!

Shadow lugia pokemon 2833103 1024 732
Members: 9

Pokemon Fan Group

Category: Uncategorized

Join if you love pokemon games,shows, merchanse,and EVERYTHING ABOUT POKEMON!!!!

Members: 5

4 all Fans of Villains...

Category: Uncategorized

If you like cartoon or anime villains, misjudged characters, or otherwise characters with a dark past, then this is your group...join if u want...maybe you'll find a friend in this group...

Group of blue businessmen going in together on a deal 13154
Members: 12

The Group Group

Category: Uncategorized

Talk about ur groups.

Members: 23

11 year old awesomes

Category: Uncategorized

ok guys, my group only accepts 11 year old gals and here you can talk bout ANYTHING!!

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Members: 11


Category: Uncategorized

If yurr single and broken hearted add this group

Members: 6

girls rule and we have...

Category: Uncategorized

you up load vids then we talk about boys and comment on eachn others comments join it will be lots of fun

Members: 2


Category: Uncategorized

will make u choke cuz u are gonna be laughing soo muchh yeah if u want some thing to be crying of laugh

Members: 2


Category: Uncategorized


Members: 3


Category: Uncategorized

we are awesome. ;D amanda - savannah kristy- samantha

Members: 1

The "Life'' Group

Category: Uncategorized

Whether its Home work or parents or sibs or any thing about your life, the people in this group are here for you. Join this group if you have probs or if you need help with home work. Every one is-or should be-friends.And friends are there for eac...

Members: 2

Deer Hunters gather here

Category: Uncategorized

share storys about hunting and tell here the deer are heading and going

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