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KW groups are a fun and cool way to meet other kids.

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KW Groups are fun and cool way to meet other kids.

What Are Groups?

KW Groups are places where you and your friends can hang out and talk about similar interests. Interested in T-Pain? Join the T-Pain Fan group, or make one if it doesn't already exist.

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Latest Groups

rap,country lovers

if you like rap or country join this club for all ages
Hi everyone, my name is Justin Bieber. This is the official Justin Bieber fan club. I hope you all join it. thank you so much, fans for making my career possible. I Love You All! Buy "One Time" on iTunes!

sexy gurls

im sexy please come in mah group any of u gurlz thak ur sexy to come in mah group then join in by hottie_chealsie

the country style

hey kw fans. this club is 4 the people who cant stop singing country songs in the car. here we will talk about new songs artist and albums, well actualy anything country. so plz plz come and join my amazing club. thnx


dating or just serious no playing around
thiz group iz for people who love the movie obessed with beyonce in i if u dont no wat that movie iz then say out thx peace
if u luff twilight u need to join this group u get to pick ur nickname from what ur favchater is i call bella srry

Hott Topic Group!!

This is for kidz or teens from ages 12 to 15.... We email eachother talking about very hott topics!!! Trust me.. It will be fun!! :)

pUppY LovErZ CluB

this is the pUppY LovErZ CluB join it!

haNnaH fAn GroUp

haNnaH mOntAna fAnz cAn jOin ThiS grOup!
haha do you know the waffel song?? haha talk about anything!! if you r random join!!


this is a group about having fun partying hard and just being the grils we are.
At one point of my life, i was on the verge of suicide but no one knew it. At that time i dressed in pink and yellow. Then my friend Katlin made me listen to My Chemical Romance and I instantly became aware that i wasnt the only one who lost ppl....
This is a group for people mostly girls but I'm not sexist who are like my fashion icon lady gaga and have their own style-- even if it's not what the girls in the magazines are wearing. So go ahead! Join and feel pretty and handsome. Because you ...

_ _diva fo lyff__

diva iz a female version of a hustla!!!
If you are any sort of model join this group!!!!! This is where models can come and relax in peace, Models only dont lie about it. One Of my fav Models is florian
If you think Jessi The Kid and Dylan USA are liers and Poser's and Pretenders Join this Group. They are Pretending to Be Florian and they are telling his friends and turning his friends against him.. Join this club for Florian!!!! If you see Jessi...

Saving the Earth Club

If you love the planet that we all live on you should help out by recycling, saving energy, and using less water! So if you want to save the earth join this club!
This group aparently is for girly girls. If you're a girly girl like me come on over here and JOIN!!!!! If you think you're A GLAM GIRL or a GIRLY GIRL then this is the GROUP for you!!!!!!! B.T.W I'm a PINK LOVIN' HOLLYWOOD SEXII FINE HELLO KITTY ...

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