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KW groups are a fun and cool way to meet other kids.

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KW Groups are fun and cool way to meet other kids.

What Are Groups?

KW Groups are places where you and your friends can hang out and talk about similar interests. Interested in Bieber? Join the Bieber Fan group, or make one if it doesn't already exist.

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Latest Groups

if u want to join this group you have to be mitrue anoffe to be in this group thank u!!!!!!!!!

The Dude Club :)

hey everyone its Dedric come join my club and have fun.We will be talking about so many things u Cant eve think of so what do u think come join my club and have some fun. One more thing if a Girl wants to join my group u have to look good or know ...

Tha Monarchs

Itz ya boi Kwiksilva i need sum ni***z to join my club. Itz mostly for dudes who lyk rap music and lyk to rap. DJ's are welcome 2.....oh, and beatboxers and singerz. Monarchs are the most dominant force of king back in the day...This is my group s...

u like hamburgers

if u love hamburgers sign on up.i stared this club because i love hamburgers

kidzworld besties

join this club if u r 1 of the best one the site
For any1 who loves the Auburn Tigers!!!!
ths is the group for me TwizyRocks and kwiksilva lol so if you love her say i and join.


ths is the group for me TwizyRocks and kwiksilva lol so if you love her say i and join.


Ukiss, who is the best band to me...

Michael jackson fanz

if u like michael jackson join if u dont get the hell off of this
if you are from Mississippi then join this group


4 people wo can jerk good

Justin Beiber 1!!!!

u can talk about Justin Beiber!!!!!!!

Twilight Saga ROCKS!!!!

this is a place where u can talk to people or me about the twilight saga so everyone JOIN MY GROUP!!!! thank u and u can also talk about the Florida Gators ( but u can not talk bad about them) thank u again that is all
If you like Red, Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue, and Purple. If you wear skinny jeans All Day, Every Day then you should join. If you like baby blue skinny jeans, mint green, or like any color. Cause skinny jeans are AWESOME! lol
Here is just a pit stop-a break- somwhere to just take a lil break and connect with others.Write down your doing in the comments,your opinoins,your day,your problems,and converse with random people.
ppl who don't like twilight are welcome to join this group
this is for anyone who is obbsessed with twilight. chat about it and pos stuff.

The Munsters Today

ok this is off of the munsters today tv show about a goth/funny/monster family. but its not the old show. the munsters sleeping grandpas coffins in 1966 and wake up in 1988. plz join

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