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KW groups are a fun and cool way to meet other kids.

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KW Groups are fun and cool way to meet other kids.

What Are Groups?

KW Groups are places where you and your friends can hang out and talk about similar interests. Interested in T-Pain? Join the T-Pain Fan group, or make one if it doesn't already exist.

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I can help you with love anytime u will need it. Like if someone said we are over i can help you with it or trying to get with someone i can help with it

kw groups

if u luv kw join here plz i want everyone 2 plz and thank u
If you need help in the 4th grade leave a coment

gorila zoe

i lov al the songs


my club is for girls and boys to do what ever if you are a tom boy this is yo place. this chat room is for everyone to hang out and have fun
I love Twilight and all the serie's I can't wait till New Moon comes to regal cinema cause my friends sister works there and she can get us in for free so I might watch it for FREE isn't tht awesome!!!! Please Join My Fan Club. Thx, Maxine

taylors group

hey if you like the name taylor join
to my sister she died a while ago i love u and plz join my group she has rased to god cause of canser my parents have locked me in my room ever since she died they r scared and worry everytime i ask them a guestion they dont answer r eyes have all...

Singing club

i love singing do u lol?!

Singing fans

i love singing do u lol?!

itsTwins Group

This is a group for anyone who is friends with the twins.(;itsRyan

black girl hair

im a girl that has thickhair its true and nody eles loves there hair as much as i do but you put baby shampoo that will make it nice and flat and you can go to the dalllar mart and there will be a big thing of hair vitalize it only 1 DOLLAR and it...
this is just a joke! i didnt know what to start a group, so i thought of somethings random,, Elmo u dont have to love emo,or live on seeymestreet ...

boy hottty Groups

this group is for girls only so they can talk about boy crushs with other people around the world and tell jusiy gosip

Twilight Obsession

So if your reading this it means your OBSESSED with twilight. I know I'm OBSESSED with it that's why i made this. Here you will learn EVERYTHING about twilight. Like who the people and what the whole point of twilight is and everything you can thi...
Join This Group If You Love Alexx Or Adrianne! (AlexxAdrianne) They Are My Bestest Friends :) I LOVE THEM SO FREKIN MUCH!

Wicca Group (By Alex)02

Well my last one was deleted so I will do it again. In this group we will talk about pretty much anything but our main focus will be Wicca. We can share knowledge and spells or anything else. Only witches or Wiccans will be made uber so it is easy...
this club is for people who like London tipton on the suite life on deck!!!!!!!! Yay us!!!!!!!!!!

Debby Ryan Fans!

This is for everyone who loves Debby Ryan! She plays Bailey on Suite Life onDeck......... im a big fan!

Debby Ryan Fanz!

This is for everyone who loves Debby Ryan! She plays Bailey on Suite Life onDeck......... im a big fan! also if you dont like miley cyrus do not join this group because i love her and she rocks!!!!

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Happy Birthday Astha! [genius@23]

Happy Birthday Astha! [genius@23]

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