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Eyeliner 1 s600x600
Members: 7

I Open My Mouth When I...

Category: Uncategorized

I Do That Occasionally I Might Open My Mouth Its Really Weird SO Join ! :) ☺

Members: 1


Category: Uncategorized

piz join

Members: 10

I Talk To Random Peopl...

Category: Uncategorized

Ex. Person:Hey Me:Hiya. Person:Whats Up? Me:Nm U? Person:Nm Me:Oh. Person:(doesnt respond) That Was Fun...Not. -Jozey.

Members: 2

who have a heart promble

Category: Uncategorized

I just found out I have a small hole in my heart .i need friends o can ou join y group.

Members: 1

Dehab Support Group

Category: Uncategorized

AS most of you heard demi lavoto checked into rehab and we support that because shes trying to stop herself from going crazy because of bullies

Members: 4


Category: Uncategorized

JOIN THIS GROP IF U LOVE JB he is amazing and if u think so join post and have fun!!

Members: 2

Join this group if u l...

Category: Uncategorized

join it if u like or lurvvvv bruno mars himeself or any of his songzz!!!!

Members: 3

free group

Category: Uncategorized

if u have a problem or ur mad just let it out tailk about anything about anything just type it and done so come join now

Members: 6

@@#$$%^@*#MUSIC LOVERS...

Category: Uncategorized

just saying and expressing how u feel about music in your own way

Members: 16

If your life sucks or ...

Category: Uncategorized

Hii. Im bi-polar. I hate people when the say crap about people like me. If you hate/dislike strongly then join if some-one talks crap bout you join. I love you. You hate me. See? Join no matter what. We will be best-est bi-polar friends.

Members: 9

ghost believers

Category: Uncategorized

i believe in ghost i try to find them when i go trick or treating because its Halloween night so they might be out

Members: 28

Random People Rule!!!!!!

Category: Uncategorized

Join if you are Random!!!!!

Members: 5

The Awesome People Gro...

Category: Uncategorized

Join if you are AWESOME!!!!!!

Members: 3

life,love and all dat ...

Category: Uncategorized

Bout anything u want coz its just life free country ya noe.boys girls or wateva u r join join join.homework help game cheats.anything...

Members: 44

Life chat

Category: Uncategorized

This is a group where anyone with problems or family issues can talk together and let out how they feal. This is a perfect place to chate if your litle sis is acting like a teenager or your pearents are haveing a baby.

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