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KW groups are a fun and cool way to meet other kids.

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KW Groups are fun and cool way to meet other kids.

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KW Groups are places where you and your friends can hang out and talk about similar interests. Interested in Bieber? Join the Bieber Fan group, or make one if it doesn't already exist.

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if you are in truouble with stuff just join the need help club ..we help eachother if one of us needs help!!

Girls Wanna Have Fun

this is a group where girls like me have a chance to have tons and tons of fun!!

Writing Books? Group

This group is where you can tell about the books you're writing and stuff. You can post your books and it's gonna be SO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!
Too awesome for This World(:
this is for the best of the best only for cheerleader and gymnasts anyone can join even boys but mostly girly girls


be in it if u wanna be a part of my guestbook!
This group is about all sorts of girls who like to express them selfs in any way. or if they just love who they are.
I really hate Hannah Montana AKA- Miley Cyrus. everyone else who agrees that she sucks in a puckish way then join the group. I mean seriously. who still likes her? Bad actress and singer. yea i know..if she's getting on ur nerves, too.. join.

~~Giggle Center~~

He he he!!! heres a group where you can laugh all the time... (like me!!)if u like to smile all the time or you laugh out a no where? (sometimes like me in school!!yikes!)this is the place! soo come on in and join!!! he he he he!!!!


there a team in the oliympics and there fast and in school my group is called blazers so i put it because i like it so thats how i picked it
hey i love the new boyz love them wit me

~~~~the best jerkers~~~

were the best jerkers ever so dont hate

~~i rock skinnes

i rock skinnes come rock them wit me
Where you do everything with fun and joy together !!!!! :)


Come here if your an anime fan!Come to this club and join in on the animangalaneous things!Such as Inuyasha,Tokyo Mew Mew,Naruto,Tsukuyomi,and much more

The Fun Kidz

Where you do everything with fun and joy together !!!!! :)
This group is for kids ho has just turnd 12 years old and is 3ft tall 73 pounds and is real skinny and can only binch lift 30 pounds if this describs you you need to join. this describs me.

Lauren Cyrus Fan Clubb

Hi guys I am Lauren Cyrus I am a model I know some people think I am FAKE wich I am not I just dont wanna get hurt so if you think I am FAKE or you HATE me dont comment this group with mean comments please thanks..... -Love Lauren
wanna be fab and glamorus for back to school wanna find acute 7th or 8th grade boy to talk to or be close to or maybe just get to know him well here is a group just for that get to know girls who are single and lonely just like you
Hi guys I love dancing I am on the Hip Hop team at my school and people say I dance good and if you love dancing join this group :)

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