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KW groups are a fun and cool way to meet other kids.

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KW Groups are fun and cool way to meet other kids.

What Are Groups?

KW Groups are places where you and your friends can hang out and talk about similar interests. Interested in T-Pain? Join the T-Pain Fan group, or make one if it doesn't already exist.

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Latest Groups

Aly and Aj fan group

Basically this is just a group for people who really like Aly and AJ. Its mainly a way for people to meet other people that they have things in common with, so come and Join!
this is a gang for chris brown and akon fans! so if you dont like them you can still join
If u wanna be a street racer or a biker boy racer,be in the club.
Join if your a fan of the Jonas Brothers. This is the Ultimate fan club of the Jonas Brothers. Add if you need to know almost everything about them and the bonus jonas Frankie. Just feel free to comment me on the group and I will answer with your ...

the twilight lovers

hey! so in this group we have to love twilight!!!! we will discuss the movie.......we willl have tean edward and tean jacob even though -cough- i hate jacob -cough- hehe well JOIN MY GROUP ... DO IT NOW!!!!!! i wnat to la push jacob off a c...

Cash Money Boys

Anybodi tryin 2 make paper trials wen dey walk can b consider as a money boy but ani bodi dat make paper trials behind dem is the og of cm boys
If you're known for something on here, or if it feels like you have FANS, are considered a regular, and (most importantly) you think it's really odd, join this group! Celberties that join will be uber, and fans of them will be... fans. And don't...

Skyler Fan Club : ]

I got really bored so I decided to make up a fan club. For all the people that love me cuz I'm just so amazing and stuff. Lol just kidding but just for my friends to join, my home skillets, you know. But please, no autographs : ] Have fun Skyler L...


If you absolutly love Death note,L,Light,N,and of corse misa!!!! then PLZ JOIN THIS GROUP!!!!!! love, kz 88

love edward?

You a edward fan then join Love Edward! best place to interact with other people who loves edward and talk bout him all you want cause nobodys going to stop you
Hey hey hey! Can i ask you some questions! Ok then! Are you random? Are you awesome? HAHA then this is the right group for you! You can meet me...the most coolest, awesome, and random-est person alive! Hey! Even you can be like that! Btw i would l...
Need some advice just ask me!I'm good at giving advice so join and if ur a good,nice person i'll make you a uber fan.
Hey people of earth if you love dogs or puppies this is the right group for you. Do you like dogs or puppies any breed any colour. I f you do then this is the right group for you. If you LOVE LOVE ,LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE...

Its a small world

do you like twilight : This club is for you! do you like writing : This club is for you! do you like anything : This club is for you!

Crazy Chicks!!!! :D

Hey girls!!! This is a group were girls 11-13 can chill and talk and check out my stuff in here!!! This a crazy chick only group b/c normal people ARE BORING WITH A CAPITAL B!!!! Love, Your Leader Forte!

Hiqh Swaqqa Group

Everybody That Join Got A Hiqh Swaqqa.!.

Halo/Xbox Mayhem

If u love playin any halo/xbox360 and xbox. better join this! Talk about levels in the games, online, and how to find glitches and skulls( halo)! its fun fun and fun. rules aha 1 rule: there are no rules!comin join. if wanna. talk about any game p...


Just a random Group that You might enjoy.
Talk about Anything and Everything.
Talk about Your Problems or figure Things out You never knew before.
Anyone can join, no matter Your Social Group or anything,
Social segregati...

Katy Perry Fanz!!!!

If U absolutely love Katy Perry, this is the group 4 you. There will be question every week, so check back every week 4 a new question. THNX Hannah

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