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KW groups are a fun and cool way to meet other kids.

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KW Groups are fun and cool way to meet other kids.

What Are Groups?

KW Groups are places where you and your friends can hang out and talk about similar interests. Interested in Bieber? Join the Bieber Fan group, or make one if it doesn't already exist.

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Yea this is the jerkin boyz that mean we know how to jerk step urself in the club take a seat sit back in relax and injoy the beat

my kid diva friend BFF


my new diva girl

that my new girl me and Caroyln and Hailey and Jy`Jia
This group is made for all of the single sexyy ladies out there to finally gett a man. All of the guys who are also single will look at this group and no that there are only women in this group soo they will look at all of the girls and check out...
U can only be in this group if u luv Home Improvement.If u don't luv Home Improvement don't join this group.Home Improvement is so funny!

~George Lopez Luverz~

u can only be in this group if u luv the show George Lopez.Don't join this group if u don't luv the show George Lopez!!!!!!
For too long, our elder brothers and sisters have bossed us around, been hypocrisy, and have forced us to fetch them food and drink. For too long, we have been the gum on the elder siblings' shoe. For too long, have our siblings acted like a monke...

baksetball lovers

i you love basketball join this group because group is the fly new basketball group join
if you're blond then you can join!!!!! if your brunette get lost!!!!!!

People With OJD!!!!!!!!

people only with OJD ( obsessive jonas disorder) can join this group.

alliace of knights

This group is for strong members that do not do bad.Please we are the holy once no devil can defeat us we the holy knights plage that we are strong and is responsiblee for protecting everywhere we are the once that will defeat devil.this group is ...

Demi Lovato Luvers

U can only be in this group if u luv Demi Lovato.If u hate Demi Lovato don't join this group.
U can only be in this group if u have a nintendo ds.If u have a nintendo ds i don't join because people who have a nintendo ds lite can only be in this group. When u join this group tell me what color ur nintendo ds lite is.i want to know so every...

`Smile People~

This group is for people who luv to smile.If u don't like to smile then don't join this group.We will talk about how many people luv to smile!
You can only be in this group if you luv Wizards of Waverly Place.If you hate Wizards of Waverly Place don't join this group!
You can only be in this group if u luv Sonny With A Chance.Don't join this group if u hate Sonny With A Chance!


This group is for anyone who is jamaican or a little bit jamaican or if u was born in jamaica than u could still join

All You

This Group is about being you and talking with other people that believe the same thing.You shouldn't be like any one else just be your self no matter what the coast and what other people think.

The Warriors fan club

I hope you've heard about the awesome book series Warriors. If you haven't here's a little summary about it: There are four groups of cats that have formed into four clans. They live in the forest and hunt for their clan. The four clans are called...

football 101

If you love football or any football teams join my group and friend request me (no its not a scam to get new friends) so that we can chat and and talk about our favorite teams, football stars, jerseys, and really anything that has to do with foot...

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