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KW groups are a fun and cool way to meet other kids.

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KW Groups are fun and cool way to meet other kids.

What Are Groups?

KW Groups are places where you and your friends can hang out and talk about similar interests. Interested in Bieber? Join the Bieber Fan group, or make one if it doesn't already exist.

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Latest Groups

Just Write

Hey! Looking for a group to share your stories? Or just want to talk or give suggestions to other writers? Well come on and join!! We don't bite!

Cat Lovers Group

Do you love cats? Really love cats? Then come join! Talk about your cats and read others stories about their fuzzy feline! Need help on how to care for a cat, pick the right breed or just want to know more about cats in general? This is the place ...

fairy tail date group

Fan Club
if u love fairy tail and want to date anouther fairy tail lover or an fairy tail lover

Softball Hoties

This is for softballers


Fan Club
If you like Ihascupquake come here! You can chat about what vids you've seen and what happened in them.
we love pokemon go!

girl date girl

if u want to date me join

letz talk

Just for fun
this is for all the amazing and cool nerds/bookworms out there-join this group if you are a book lover like me and we can all get together and talk not only about books but also whatever we want and become book club besties!!

Cyber Stuff

This group is for people that have been bullied, or was a bully to someone. Trust me, I was once. But I said sorry! Come join now! Oh, and plus, we talk about which social media is the best!!!!!

My fan fiction hub

Just for fun
Where I put all fan fictions I write so people can read them
You can be a wild pokemon or a trainer. Hi, it's me, arcticfox 188, and this roleplay is going to be the best one yet!
Who wanna talk bout gossip on celebs we got her juicy details bout it so JOINNNNNNNNN

bi and les

for bi and lesbi girls only

we don't care

Just for fun
the we don't care group is for people who absolutely do not care. and there lives are just straight up crap. here we can band together and make your life a little more devastating lol jk join if you wanna have adventure, anime, and music apart o...
Do you want to know all of the ssecrets of five nights at Freddy's? If you want toknow than join this group, and finde out. I will give you tests to know if you're werthy.If you finde out most secrets you become a Uder fane.I'll send coments.

girly peeps!

Just for fun
In this group we talk about boyfriends, bullies, phones, friends, and more!!! By Ava McGrail
This is a group for all the emo, scene, goth, and alternative people out there! Share music, pictures, ideas, writings, etc...
If you like to role play this is were you should go. First we will do a school role play.

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