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Can't find a group that interests you? That’s okay, cause you can make your own.

Members: 11

Life As We Wish

Category: Role-playing

This is a rp group for older kids where we basically go about our dream lives together!!

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Members: 6

Santa Olivia (ROLEPLAY)

Category: Role-playing

Santa Olivia is a fictional town in the Tuscan hills of Italy. The story takes place in 1403, right before an outbreak of the Plague, and an unexpected war. Meanwhile, the Renaissance has broken out, bringing new ideas of art and culture!

Members: 16

Bold, Blooming Bisexuals

Category: Uncategorized

A group for people who are discovering their bisexuality, bicuriousity, or just a passing ally. Whether you have a stronger preference for girls or boys, all are welcome. #bipride “The greatest explorer on this earth never takes voyages as long a...

Members: 3

Ricardo Fan Club

Category: Fan Club

Welcome To My Group, This Is Where You Be A Fan Of Me! If You Want To Tell Me Something, Post It On The Comments! members=fans uber fans=friends

Members: 8


Category: Fan Club

If your a jakepauler come chat

Members: 2

Ps4 overwatch fans!

Category: Video Games

Fans of Overwatch who play on the PS4! Share your love for characters, the game design, and bond over something as simple and great as a video game!

Members: 9

RP for the strong of H...

Category: Role-playing

This is a thing for older kids; so if u not messed up like me, leave now or be regretful!

Members: 4

Friendly and Weird

Category: Uncategorized

Friendly people who play animal jam, everyday.

Members: 2

minecraft farlands

Category: Video Games

this article tells how to get to the farlands in minecraft to defeat herobrine

5804953 keep calm and get to know each other better
Members: 9

Get to know each other

Category: Sports

Is to know are friends more and what they like doing. Seeing if we have anything in common.

Common sense
Members: 3

let's rock till dawn (...

Category: Role-playing

this is a RP for pepole who love glam Metal, Shock Rock, and heavy metal bands like Motley Crue, KISS, Twisted sister, Black Sabbath, and Aerosmith ​if your character is preppy, prissy, or A jerk all the time you will not be excepted ​ Band...

Members: 19
Members: 10


Category: Just for fun

Older people who love young and young who love old

Members: 1

Do you live in North C...

Category: Just for fun

This is for people who live in North Carolina. You can chat with people from North Carolina. Enjoy !!!!

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Members: 16

DarkDove's Dabbicorns!!

Category: Just for fun

Basically a group for all of my best friends and fam but anyone can join! So come and chat! :)

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