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Can't find a group that interests you? That’s okay, cause you can make your own.

Members: 4

My friends and guests

Category: Fan Club

I want my friends be invited an guests too

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Members: 5

the cool anators

Category: Just for fun

it is for cool kids

Members: 4

LEGO Fans Only

Category: Fan Club

This is a club if you like LEGOs. LEGO lovers only!

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Members: 7


Category: Just for fun

Join da beauty squad

Members: 11

cool dudes gang

Category: Kidzworld Help

have fun tell about what you have done. have friends join! talk to ppl! just have..... FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Members: 7

I hate school group

Category: School Subjects

If you hate school, then this group is perfect for you!

Members: 4

Cool Cats Club

Category: Fan Club

This is a fan club based on cats. If you love cats, this is the club you shall join. Once you join, you will love this group.But me... I don't have a cat which makes me upset.

Members: 4


Category: Movies

dude hayden

Members: 4


Category: Just for fun

The people who just love to oof

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Members: 3


Category: Role-playing

Reveal the past of another dimension similar to the magis. Will you join us? It’s up to you. Create your ragi, ask questions, be yourself. And talk to the lupin shadow hunter, Stragger. He’s not always here though, he’s on missions or quests. So...

Members: 13

land of potatoes

Category: Just for fun

This is the land of potatoes.

Members: 6

Hamilton: an American ...

Category: Music

Hamilfans unite, this group does roleplays, polls ( if i can ) and guess the song!

Members: 6


Category: Sports

it's about the cool kids that helping and sharing thing,being nice,always online

Members: 15

Rick Rolllllllled.

Category: Fan Club

It's a rick Astley fan club. I'M NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP. please join. So lonely smh. Jk. Dont join. Do whatever your heart desires. Yeeeeet. Let's make this the litttest group on kw.

Members: 6


Category: General

Why did I make this group? I don't know. And you're lonely. That's why your reading this. Now join or move along.

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