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Got a burning question, need some advice or thinking about stuff like puberty, friends, school, family, pets, bullying, peer pressure or growing up in general? Post your questions to Dish-It in the forums for advice!

Remember kids: Dish-It gets a load of questions every day so it may take time for her to reply to yours. Or, if your question is one that she's already answered, search the Dish-It Categories on the right side of this page for her advice!

Dear Dish-It, My Dad Hits Me


My dad hits me and I dont know what to do. I thought about calling the police, but I dont know what to say. Please help!

April 2005 Horoscopes


Find out whats in the stars for you this month with Kidzworlds free monthly teen horoscopes for April 2005. - Page 1

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Dear Dish-It, My Parents Are Getting Divorced


I really need your help. My parents are getting a divorce and I cannot deal! I cry all day and night.

What Is Bullying?

What Is Bullying?  

Who are bullies? Look around, they come in all shapes, colors and clothes. Basically, anybody who hurts someone for fun or sport is a bully.

Read the Advice! What Is Bullying?

Dear Dish-It, I'm Recovering From Anorexia


I had anorexia, and still do, but Im getting better. Before I got it I was really obsessed with my weight. Now I realize Im beautiful.

Dear Dish-It, I Don't Know What to Do!


I like this kid and have been pursuing him for a while but he doesnt really want a relationship with me til summer.

March 2005 Horoscopes


Find out whats in your stars this month with Kidzworlds free, online teen horoscopes. - Page 3

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Dear Dish-It, I'm Scared of What I'm Becoming


Im scared of what Im becoming. My parents died a month ago in a car accident - now Im swearing, smoking and drinking. Help!

Dear Dish-It, Are We Going Out?


I gave this guy a Valentines card and he gave me one. Hes really sweet. Does this mean were going out?

February 2005 Horoscopes


Find out whats in your stars this month with Kidzworlds free, online teen horoscopes. - Page 1

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Dear Dish-It, He Says I'm Too Young


I like this guy, and he likes me, but hes in 10th grade and Im in 7th! He said hed go out with me but that Im still too young!

Dear Dish-It, I Want to Change My Image!


I just went to my first punk concert and I want to be more punkish. Im afraid of what my mom will think. What should I do?

Simon's Blog - January 4, 2005


Simon blogs about his Christmas holidays in his free online teen journal. - Page 1

January 2005 Horoscopes


Get your free, online, monthly teen horoscope right here at Kidzworld. - Page 3

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Dear Dish-It, What Did I Do Wrong?


I took one of my friends to homecoming. She really wanted to go and I was reluctant... Now she wont even talk to me.


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