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Got a burning question, need some advice or thinking about stuff like puberty, friends, school, family, pets, bullying, peer pressure or growing up in general? Post your questions to Dish-It in the forums for advice!

Remember kids: Dish-It gets a load of questions every day so it may take time for her to reply to yours. Or, if your question is one that she's already answered, search the Dish-It Categories on the right side of this page for her advice!

Dear Dish-It, Am I Cheating on My BF?


Ive been dating a boy for three months now but I have a major crush on a different boy whos my old friend. Am I a cheater?

November 2004 Horoscopes


Gemini is floundering and Scorpio is under pressure. Find out whats in your stars with Kidzworlds November horoscopes. - Page 1

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Simon's Blog - October 26, 2004


Rachel and I spent the afternoon at the mall shopping for Halloween costumes. I think Im going to dress up as a zombie or Frankenstein.

Dear Dish-It, I Don't Want to Sound Like a Prude


How can I tell my boyfriend that I dont want to go all the way without sounding like a prude? Find out what Dish-It says!

Dear Dish-It, My Family Is Falling Apart and It's My Fault


I have a serious problem. I got in a huge fight with my mom. She says that its either me or her thats going to leave. Help!

Dear Dish-It, I'm Going to Be All Alone


Both of my brothers are leaving home to go to university. They mean the world to me and I dont want to be left alone. Help!

Dear Dish-It, I Don't Know How to Be a Girlfriend


This boy I like just asked me to go with him and I said yes. But unfortunately, I dont know how to be a girlfriend.

October 2004 Horoscopes


Aries is feeling reckless and Cancer is more stubborn than usual. Whats in your stars this month? FInd out with Kidzworlds free online teen horoscopes. - Page 1

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Dear Dish-It, I'm Nervous About My First Kiss


Ive had a lot of boyfriends, but Ive never kissed one before. Im scared that Ill get nervous when it finally happens.

Dear Dish-It, Who Do I Choose?


Im stuck between two boys and I dont know what to do. Both of them are like in love with me and both treat me right.

September 2004 Horoscopes


Taurus GF is MIA and Leos reuniting with some old pals. Whats in your stars this September? - Page 1

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Dear Dish-It, We're Afraid of Our Old Friends


My best friend and I are going back to school in a few weeks, but were nervous about seeing some friends.

August 2004 Horoscopes


Capricorns reuniting with an old flame and Gemini is counting down the days til fall. Whats in your stars this August? Find out with Kidzworlds free teen horoscopes. - Page 1

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Dear Dish-It, I Know He's Cheating


My boyfriend is cheating on me, and I know it. I dont know what to do? Should I confront him about it, or pretend I dont know?

Dear Dish-It, She's Taller Than Me


There is a girl I like. Im so scared to ask her out because she is taller than me. What should I do?


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