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Got a burning question, need some advice or thinking about stuff like puberty, friends, school, family, pets, bullying, peer pressure or growing up in general? Post your questions to Dish-It in the forums for advice!

Remember kids: Dish-It gets a load of questions every day so it may take time for her to reply to yours. Or, if your question is one that she's already answered, search the Dish-It Categories on the right side of this page for her advice!

Dear Dish-It, I Used to Make Fun of Him


There is this boy named Josh that I made fun of last year. This year hes changed from ugly and dorky to cute and sweet!

Dear Dish-It, I'm Better Friends With Boys


I dont know why but I tend to have more fun and/or be closer to my friends that are guys than the ones who are girls.

Dear Dish-It, She Dissed My Outfit


When I wore this totally cute outfit, my best friend said (and I quote!) Say goodbye to your dignity!

Dear Dish-It, How Do I Stop Being a Hypocrite?


I am a hypocrite. The thing is, with Anna, I talk bad about Faye. This time, I talked bad about Anna with Faye.

Sindy's Blog - June 3, 2004


Sindy is blogging about her teen summer job, her boyrfriend and whats happening at school. Its all right here in her free online teen diary.

June 2004 Horoscopes


Are you gearing up for the best summer ever or the vacation from hell? Get the goods on what the stars have planned for you this June. - Page 1

Read the Advice! June 2004 Horoscopes

Dear Dish-It, I Like My Best Friend


My best guy friend had a crush on me and when a guy asked me out he wrote me this letter about how I broke his heart.

Sindy's Blog - May 20, 2004


Read Sindys free online teen journal to find out what shes up to this summer - and so you can lend her some teen fashion advice.

Dear Dish-It, My Friend Really Annoys Me


I have a problem - I have this friend named Alice and I wanna be her friend but she annoys me sooo much!

May 2004 Horoscopes


Aries have their eyes on the prize and Capricorn is getting dissed. Find out what the stars have in store for you this month. - Page 1

Read the Advice! May 2004 Horoscopes

Dear Dish-It, I Want to Skip Sixth Grade


I want to get promoted to the 7th grade so badly. Im in 6th right now, but this stuff is not challenging enough.

Dear Dish-It, My Parents Won't Let Me Wear Make-Up!


Im almost thirteen and everyone else at my school is allowed to wear make-up but me. Are my parents too overprotective?

Sindy's Blog - April 8, 2004


Find out whats happening in the world of Sindy in her free online teen journal. She blogs about making up with her boyfriend, her friends, school, family and more!

Dear Dish-It, What Else Can I Do?


Heres my problem. I liked this boy but he doesnt like me. But I love him and dont know what to do.

April 2004 Horoscopes


Aries is perking up and Aquarius need to learn to slow down. What do the stars have in store for you this April? Find out here in Kidzworlds free online horoscopes.

Read the Advice! April 2004 Horoscopes


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Story Ideas Please

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Would u date the person above you ? xD

Would u date the person above you ? xD

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