Quiz the Coach - I Wanna Be A Flyer

Mar 21, 2005

I'm tall and skinny and want to be a flyer on my school cheerleading squad. Can I still be a flyer if I'm tall?

Risks of Roids - Steroid Abuse

Mar 09, 2005

Several of baseball's biggest stars have been accused of using steroids. Kidzworld has the 411 on roids and their side effects.

Quiz the Coach - I Can't Shoot Foul Shots

Mar 07, 2005

I miss a ton of free-throws in my games. Could you give me some tips or drills on how to improve my shooting?

Aerobics 101

Feb 28, 2005

Aerobic dancing can be a great way to have fun, start your blood pumping and get your body in shape.

Quiz the Coach: Dribbling Drills

Jan 24, 2005

can dribble very good with my left hand but not with my right. Do you know any drills that can help with dribbling?

Weight Training Tips

Jan 05, 2005

Looking to increase your strength and get in shape? Kidzworld has some tips for getting started in weight training.

Quiz the Coach: Goalie Tips

Jan 04, 2005

I just started playing goalie in ice hockey this season. Do have any tips for becoming a better goalie.

Quiz the Coach - Boys Stare At Me in P.E. Class

Dec 27, 2004

I don't like to participate in P.E. because I get embarrassed with all the boys staring at my boobs when I run.

Quiz the Coach - My Coach Sucks!

Dec 22, 2004

My basketball coach can't coach. All we ever do is lose. We have talented players but we never learn plays during practice.

Quiz the Coach: We Have A New Coach

Dec 20, 2004

Our squad just got a new coach, who knows NOTHING! She never lets us stunt so we look horrible at games.

Quiz The Coach: I'm Not A Starter Any More!

Dec 13, 2004

Today I found out that three new players are on the starting team and I'm not! I'm upset because I always give it my all.

Quiz the Coach - I've Got BMI Blues

Dec 06, 2004

I'm 14 and I have a BMI just on the verge of overweight. The numbers really tick me off and I've finally gotten sick of it.

Find Out about Pilates

Dec 01, 2004

It hasn't been around for thousands of years like yoga but it's making waves in the world of fitness. Find out more about Pilates.

Quiz the Coach - My P.E. Teacher's Mean!

Nov 29, 2004

My P.E. teacher is mean. If we're bad at a sport, she'll give us a B or C for the week.

Quiz the Coach - Am I A Tomboy?

Nov 23, 2004

I'm a girl who loves to play sports with the guys. I'm not into girly stuff like make-up or hair. Am I a tomboy?

Quiz the Coach - I'm A Cheer Captain

Nov 13, 2004

I am a guy and I am the captain of our school's cheerleading squad but none of the girls listen to me. What should I do?

Quiz the Coach - How To Bend The Ball

Oct 25, 2004

"How do you curve a soccer ball over a wall?" The Kidzworld Coach has tips for bending it like Beckham.

Quiz the Coach - How Do You Spin A Basketball?

Oct 12, 2004

I need to know how to spin a basketball. The KW Coach has advice for kids looking to become the next Globetrotter.

Cheerleading Tips and Terms

Oct 01, 2004

From bases and basket tosses to cupies and cradle catches, check out Kidzworld's tips and terms for cheerleaders.

Quiz the Coach - Rugby Rules

Sep 27, 2004

From scrums to tries, the Kidzworld Coach looks at the rules and history of the game of rugby.

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